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Lethal Injection (album)

Lethal Injection is a 1993 and the 4th solo album by California-based rapper Ice Cube. Like the rapper's previous albums, it was a commercial hit, however it was heavily criticized for what many saw as Cube's pandering to gangsta rap, and toning down of the socio-political content found on his earlier efforts. The albums standing has increased over time. It includes two of Cube's most popular singles; the "You Know How We Do It", and the Funkadelic-sampling "Bop Gun (One Nation)", which became a staple on MTV.


On earlier albums, Ice Cube often addressed political issues. Lethal Injection returns to the gangsta rap themes of his N.W.A. days. The track "Ghetto Bird" was produced by QD3, a son of Quincy Jones. "Ghetto bird" is street slang for a police helicopter.

Lethal Injection contains the scathing "Cave Bitch", on which Cube chastises white women who pursue successful black men as a trophy. On "Lil' Ass Gee" he tells the tale of an adolescent who follows his older brother into a life of petty crime and little hope. "When I Get to Heaven" is one of Ice Cube's most cotroversial songs. On the song expresses his own opinion of religions and race. In one of his most introspective moments on record, he raps:

White man, please take another look,
'Cause we couldn't be readin' out the same book,
'Cause you's a crook, and I'm a brotha,
King James had sex with his mother,
Is that your edition? Is that your religion?
Black man you gotta make a decision,
'Cause God is comin' on day number seven,
And they won't call me a nigger,
When I Get To Heaven

With its use of whiney synthesizers, crispier drums, and deeper bass, the album leans more towards the G-Funk sound, than the dense, rugged soundscapes of The Predator. This conscious decision to head towards a more glossier sound was no doubt due to the impact of The Chronic, and Doggystyle, both produced by Cube's former bandmate, Dr. Dre. Lethal Injection saw four singles in total, including the George Clinton collaboration "Bop Gun", which reached #22 in the UK Charts and #23 in the Billboards.

In 1999, the track "Down for Whatever" was prominently used in an important scene in the movie Office Space.

Track listing

  • Original Release
  • "Shot (Intro)" - (0:54)
  • "Really Doe" - (4:28)
  • "Ghetto Bird" - (3:50)
  • "You Know How We Do It" - (3:52)
  • "Cave Bitch" - (4:17)
  • "Bop Gun (One Nation)" (featuring George Clinton) - (11:05)
  • "What Can I Do?" - (4:50)
  • "Lil Ass Gee" - (4:04)
  • "Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth" (featuring K-Dee) - (4:23)
  • "Down for Whatever" - (4:39)
  • "Enemy" - (4:50)
  • "When I Get to Heaven" - (5:00)
  • 2003 reissue with bonus tracks*
  • "Shot (Intro)" - (0:54)
  • "Really Doe" - (4:28)
  • "Ghetto Bird" - (3:50)
  • "You Know How We Do It" - (3:52)
  • "Cave Bitch" - (4:17)
  • "Bop Gun (One Nation)" (featuring George Clinton) - (11:17)
  • "What Can I Do?" - (4:39)
  • "Lil Ass Gee" - (4:04)
  • "Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth" (featuring K-Dee) - (4:23)
  • "Down for Whatever" - (4:39)
  • "Enemy" - (4:50)
  • "When I Get to Heaven" - (5:03)
  • "What Can I Do? [Westside Remix]" - (4:27)*
  • "What Can I Do? [East Side Remix]" - (4:46)*
  • "You Know How We Do It [Remix]" - (4:23)*
  • "Lil Ass Gee [Eerie Gumbo Remix]" -(5:21)*

Partial list of samples

Really Doe

You Know How We Do It

Bop Gun (One Nation)

Lil' Ass Gee

When I Get to Heaven

Album singles

"Really Doe"

  • Released: 1993
  • B-side: "My Skin Is My Sin"

"You Know How We Do It"

  • Released: February, 1994
  • B-side: "2 'N The Morning"

''"Bop Gun (One Nation)"'

  • Released: August, 1994
  • B-side: "Down For Whatever"

Album Chart Positions

Year Album Chart positions
Billboard 200 Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums
1993 Lethal Injection #5 #1

Singles Chart Positions

Year Song Chart positions
Billboard Hot 100 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks Hot Rap Singles
1993 "Really Doe" #54 #30 #3
1994 "You Know How We Do It" #30 #21 #5
1994 "Bop Gun (One Nation)" #23 #37 #6

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