[gast, gahst]
The word ghast may either be a recent back-formation, arising from either the word "ghastly", which came from Anglo-Saxon gāstlīc = "like a ghost"; or the word "aghast", from the Middle English gāstēn to frighten. Or alternatively Lovecraft may have derived it directly from the Anglo-Saxon form of the word ghost: gāst.

Ghast may also refer to:

  • Ghasts are a race of creatures in H. P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands. This appears to be the earliest use of the term, from which the uses below seem to derive.
  • Ghast is the third member of a demonic trio (along with Abnegazar and Rath) who were featured sporadically in the original Justice League of America comic book series.
  • Ghasts are a stronger breed of ghoul in the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game.
  • In the game RuneScape, Ghasts are evil spirits that rot food when the player is in the Mort-Myre Swamp. If no food is with the player, they draw "energy" (hit points) from the player.
  • Ghasts are a type of un-dead foe which appear in the Stilshrine of Miriam in the 2006 Square Enix game Final Fantasy XII
  • Ghasts are weak creatures, similar to ghosts, in Joseph Delaney's series of books, The Wardstone Chronicles.
  • Ghasts are an attack-oriented infantry unit in the computer game Shattered Galaxy.
  • Ghasts are dark-sided undead units from the Myth series. They are the "premature" stage of the Wights, and attack with slashes containing the Wight paralyzing, illness-spreading pus.
  • In the book The Golden Compass, it is noted in passing that "cliff-ghasts" live in Svalbard (chapter "Fencing": "...the cliffs a thousand feet and more high where the foul cliff-ghasts perched and swooped...").
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