get together

Let's Get Together

"Let's Get Together" is a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov. It was originally published in the February 1957 issue of Infinity Science Fiction, and included in the collections The Rest of the Robots (1964) and The Complete Robot (1982). The robots in this tale are very different from Asimov's norm, being quite happy to work as war machines. The tale is also based on a continuation of Cold War hostility, rather than the peaceful unified world of most of the robot stories.

The Cold War has endured for a century and an uneasy peace between Us and Them exists. A secret agent arrives in America from Moscow with the story that humanoid robots have been developed by Them and have been infiltrated into America. When they get together, they will trigger a total conversion bomb. Research is started to duplicate the humanoid robot and detect the invaders. Almost too late, the head of the Bureau of Robotics realises that the agent is in fact one of the humanoid robots and destroys it.

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