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Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus!

Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus! - Roxette's Greatest Hits is a compilation album by Swedish pop duo Roxette, released on 20 December 1995. The album wasn't released in the United States until 26 September 2000, with a different track listing.

Only the tracks "June Afternoon", "You Don't Understand Me", "She Doesn't Live Here Anymore" and "I Don't Want To Get Hurt" were newly recorded for this album. "Almost Unreal" was not previously released on a Roxette album. It was used in the 1993 movie Super Mario Bros.. "You Don't Understand Me", "June Afternoon" and "She Doesn't Love Here Anymore" were released as singles. "The Look" was released as a maxi-single. This version of "It Must Have Been Love" had also never been previously released on any Roxette album up to this point.

Lead single from the album "You Don't Understand Me" was a first for Roxette in many ways. A first that a ballad would lead the brigade of singles from a Roxette album but more importantly, the first time that an "outsider", as described by Per Gessle, would co-write a Roxette song. American hit-maker Desmond Child co-wrote with Gessle the first single; "You Don't Understand Me". Desmond Child has a history of creating pop magic including writing for artists such as Bon Jovi, Kiss, Alice Cooper and Ricky Martin. Per Gessle and Desmond agreed to meet write some songs for other artists. "You Don't Understand Me" was one of the results. Impressed with the moody ballad, Per decided to keep it and asked Marie Fredriksson to record the vocals. Roxette then realised that this 'project' song would make an ideal Roxette track.

The album was released in late 1995 in Australia with minimal promotion and, therefore, made little impact on the ARIA Album Charts, subsequently failing to crack the Australian Top 40. This was a first for the duo, as each album released 'down under' enjoyed great success on the Album Charts. It was not until mid-1996, some 6 months later, that EMI Australia began to promote the album with a collection of slick TV commercials that the record-buying-masses heard about the album. "Don't Bore Us" then debuted in the Australian Top 20 in June 1996 and eventually peaked at #10 on the ARIA Album Charts. The greatest hits package was certified platinum and made the Top 40 for "End of Year" Best-selling albums.

Track listing

  1. "June Afternoon" - 2nd single
  2. "You Don't Understand Me" - 1st single
  3. "The Look" - 2nd single (UK only)
  4. "Dressed for Success" (US single mix)
  5. "Listen to Your Heart" (Swedish single edit)
  6. "Dangerous" (Single version)
  7. "It Must Have Been Love" (From the Pretty Woman soundtrack)
  8. "Joyride" (Single edit)
  9. "Fading Like a Flower" (Every Time You Leave)
  10. "The Big L."
  11. "Spending My Time"
  12. "How Do You Do!"
  13. "Almost Unreal" (From the Super Mario Bros. soundtrack)
  14. "Sleeping in My Car" (Single edit)
  15. "Crash! Boom! Bang!" (Single edit)
  16. "Vulnerable" (Single edit)
  17. "She Doesn't Live Here Anymore" - 3rd single
  18. "I Don't Want to Get Hurt"

Track listing (2000 re-release)

  1. Wish I Could Fly
  2. Stars
  3. The Look
  4. Dressed for Success (US single mix)
  5. Listen to Your Heart (Swedish single edit)
  6. Dangerous (Single version)
  7. It Must Have Been Love (From the Pretty Woman soundtrack)
  8. Joyride (Single edit)
  9. Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)
  10. Spending My Time
  11. Church of Your Heart
  12. How Do You Do!
  13. Almost Unreal (From the Super Mario Bros. soundtrack)
  14. Sleeping in My Car (Single edit)
  15. Crash! Boom! Bang! (Single edit)
  16. You Don't Understand Me


  • You Don't Understand Me:
    1. You Don't Understand Me
    2. Crazy About You
    3. Harleys And Indians (Riders In The Sky)
  • The Look '95 (2CD set, CD1):
    1. The Look (Chaps 1995 remix)
    2. The Look (Chaps 1995 remix edit)
    3. The Look (Chaps Donna Bass mix)
    4. The Look (Rapino Club mix)
    5. The Look (Rapino Dub mix)
  • The Look '95 (2CD set, CD2):
    1. The Look (Chaps 1995 remix)
    2. Crazy About You
    3. The Look
    4. Dressed For Success (U.S. mix)
  • June Afternoon:
    1. June Afternoon
    2. Seduce Me (demo, August 22, '90)
    3. June Afternoon (demo, July 17, '94)
  • She Doesn't Live Here Anymore:
    1. She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
    2. The Look (Chaps 1995 remix)
    3. The Look (Rapino 7" mix)

Charts and Certifications

Album Charts

Country Highest Position Certification Sales Amount
Argentina unknown Gold 30,000+
Canada 36 Gold 50,000+
Germany 7 Platinum 500,000+
Hungary 30 none unknown
Italy 7 Platinum 100,000+
Netherlands 12 Gold 30,000+
New Zealand 8 Platinum 15,000+
Norway 14 none unknown
Sweden 2 Platinum 100,000+
UK 5 Platinum 300,000+


"You Don’t Understand Me": Words & Music by Per Gessle & Desmond Child

  • Music — Per Gessle, except for the following:

"You Don't Understand Me": Words & Music by Per Gessle & Desmond Child
"Listen To Your Heart": Music by Per Gessle & Mats MP Persson
"Spending My Time": Music by Per Gessle & Mats MP Persson
"She Doesn't Live Here Anymore": Music by Per Gessle & Mats MP Persson

Produced & arranged by Clarence Öfwerman

All songs published by Jimmy Fun Music, except
"You Don't Understand Me" Jimmy Fun Music/EMI Songs

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