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Bis (band)

Bis are a Scottish rock band composed of Steven Clark (Sci-fi Steven), John Clark (John Disco), and Amanda MacKinnon (Manda Rin). Formed in 1994, the band broke up in 2003, but reformed briefly in 2007 for a series of concerts.


The three musicians formed Bis in 1994, when Manda and John were in secondary school and Steven had recently finished. About a year later, they appeared on Top of the Pops performing "Kandy Pop" from their Secret Vampire Soundtrack EP ahead of its release, widely reported as the first such appearance by an unsigned act. Bis released a number of EPs that almost scraped into the UK top 40, including "Sweet Shop Avengerz". In the late 1990s "Eurodisco", from the album Social Dancing, became a notable success for the band.

The band's name, rhyming with 'this', derives from "Black Iron Skyline", a former band of John and Steven.

Rise to fame

The band's early releases were on Glasgow's Chemikal Underground label, run by The Delgados, before transferring to Wiiija where labelmates included Cornershop. In the USA, their records appeared on the underground label K Records and on the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal label. They toured extensively both in the UK and abroad—their diverse influences reflected in the kind of acts they appeared with: Pavement, Garbage, Luscious Jackson, Foo Fighters and Gary Numan among them.

Mainstream United States first encountered the band during the closing credits of The Powerpuff Girls animated series. Their song "Detour" was also given some radio airplay in the US. They enjoyed a period of considerable success in Japan, selling nearly 100,000 copies of their debut album in its first week of release.

Split and future projects

The band broke up in 2003, after playing a farewell show at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. All remain active in the local music scene. Steven and John play in Dirty Hospital and Manda DJs. Manda was also in a band called The Kitchen, whilst John joined ska band The Amphetameanies which include members of Belle & Sebastian and Pink Kross.

In 2005, they announced on the official Bis website that together they had formed a new band, called data Panik with Stuart Memo on bass and drummer Graham Christie. After releasing two 7" singles, however, the band split.

Bis contributed a song to the game Jet Set Radio Future called "Statement Of Intent". In 2005, Bis performed in animated form on the CBBC children's cartoon BB3B.

As of 2006 Manda Rin is working on solo material. In 2007 Manda Rin teamed up with Scottish electro-pop outfit Juno! and has collaborated on their independently released singles, 'Smoke & Mirrors' and 'These Boys Are Athletes' as well as regularly appearing live with the band, most recently at the Rock Ness 2008 Festival.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release of their debut album The New Transistor Heroes, Bis re-formed in April 2007 for three shows in Glasgow, Manchester, and London. A greatest hits compilation titled We are Bis from Glasgow, Scotland was released on CD to coincide with these shows.

In August 2008, Manda Rin released the solo single "DNA" which she followed up with the release of her debut album "My DNA" with This is fake DIY in Sept 08.






  • "Sweet Shop Avengerz" (1997, Tristar/Sony) - (1997, Wiiija)
  • "Everybody Thinks That They're Going To Get Theirs" (1997, Wiiija & Shock) - (1997, Tristar/Sony)
  • "Tell It To The Kids" (Japan)
  • "Kid Cut" (demo) (1997)
  • "Eurodisco" (1998, Wiiija, Grand Royal/Capitol)
  • "Action & Drama" (1999, Wiiija, Shock)
  • "Detour" (1999, Wiiija & Grand Royal)
  • "What You're Afraid Of" (2001, spinART)
  • "Protection" (2001, Tilt)
  • "The End Starts Today" (2002, Artful)


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