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Get It Done

"Get It Done" is the 15th episode of season 7 of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Plot synopsis

The First Slayer tells Buffy in a dream that "It is not enough".

Principal Wood tells Buffy to go home and concentrate on her "real" job, killing monsters and getting ready to battle the First. Buffy takes him to the house and introduces him to the rest of the crew, including Spike. The tension between Spike and Wood is tangible. Wood gives Buffy a bag that he got from his mother and should have been passed on to Buffy anyway.

Chloe commits suicide after the First talks to her all night. Buffy delivers a strong lecture, angering many of the others. She then calls an emergency and opens the slayer's bag. Inside is a set of shadow figures that trigger a portal. Against the advice of her friends, Buffy jumps in, sending back an enormous demon that beats everybody up and flees. After Spike recovers, he gets his leather coat out of a trunk, kills the demon, and drags it back to Buffy's house.

On the other side of the portal, Buffy is back in the desert where she once met the First Slayer. There, three men tell her she is the last slayer to guard the Hellmouth, and try to infuse her with the essence of the demon that give all the slayers their strength. Buffy refuses the power, telling the men that they were wrong to have created the slayer line in the first place. As a parting gift, they give Buffy a vision: An enormous army of Turok-Han just waiting to be unleashed on the world.

After struggling with the incantation, Willow manages to reopen the portal by sucking energy from Anya and Kennedy. Spike throws the dead demon in, and Buffy returns. Later, she tells Willow about the vision, and admits that the First Slayer was right: What they have will not be enough.



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Production details


  • German title: "Das Angebot" ("The Offer")
    • When Buffy tells the Potentials off, Xander responds to her with a "Jawohl!", an obvious reference to Nazi doctrine of blind obedience. In the German version, this German word is changed to "Zu Befehl" ("As you command"). Though this is still military jargon, the Nazi-reference is lost.
  • Italian title: On TV "Indietro nel tempo" ("Back in time") or, on DVD, "Bisogna fare qualcosa" ("Something must be done")
  • French title: Retour aux sources ("Return To The Sources")
  • Spanish title: "Estas cosas como Obtener" ("Get with It Done")

Quotes and trivia


  • This episode features the last appearance of the First Slayer in the series.
  • A similar exchange portal is used to carry Buffy to the Fray's future in "Time of Your Life" in Season Eight.
  • Anya appears to end her friendship with Buffy in this episode. While their relationship had never seemed to be overly close, Xander states in "Selfless" that Anya is one of Buffy's best friends.

Arc significance

  • Buffy finds out how the very first Slayer was created, and it disgusts her, foreshadowing her decision to bring down the whole system. Like with the decision to remove Spike's chip, she puts morals before what some people would consider common sense.
  • She also finds out that she is the last guardian of the Hellmouth, and the surprise that the First is preparing on the other side of the seal is revealed.
  • Spike puts back on his leather coat, last seen in the Season Six episode "Seeing Red", and with it regains his love for a good fight. Unfortunately, the coat proves to Wood that Spike in fact is the vampire who killed his mother, setting the stage for their battle.
  • Kennedy finally realizes that Willow is serious when she says that her magic is not trivial or fun. This will briefly strain their relationship, but by the end of the series, Kennedy will have gained a deep respect for her girlfriend.
  • Willow performs a major feat of magic successfully, although she did revert to Dark Willow before Xander pulled her from the spell.
  • This episode marks the beginning of Buffy's estrangement from the rest of the Scooby Gang.


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