get one down

Don't Let the Man Get You Down

"Don't Let the Man Get You Down" is a song by Fatboy Slim from his album Palookaville. It is also featured in SSX 3. The single peaked at #153 on the UK Singles Chart. It samples the opening line of the song Signs by Five Man Electrical Band.

Despite being called "Don't Let the Man Get You Down", it is one of the many songs that does not mention the title of the song in the actual song.

The song was covered by the French electronica band Justice.

Music video

The music video is done as a black and white public service announcement. It starts off with the title 'A film by Neighborhood Watch (The End is Near)' then it switches to a white man named Don, and it states that Don likes to fish and Don is a racist. Throughout the video, it shows Don living a day in his life showing hatred, disdain and distrust of non-whites. A figure in black, thought to be the figure on the 'This is a Neighborhood Watch Community' sign, is seen stalking Don in the background during the scenes in the parking lot, water fountain and Mexican restaurant scenes. After shooing some dark-skinned kids off of his boat, he furiously marches across the street and gets hit by a car, dropping his prized fishing trophy. As an Asian man sees him and calls 911. It can also be argued that the Asian man hangs up when he realizes it is Don, as there is no subtitles of the Asian man talking to the 911 services, white lettering states Look both ways before crossing the street, And don't be a racist and or else.

The Man In Black

The man dressed in black from 'This is a Neighborhood Watch Community' sign can be seen at the following times during the video:

0:33-0:35 - Behind the glass wall

1:02-1:04 - Far bushes

1:23 - Behind car

1:31 - Running across car park

1:38 - Between trees

1:58-2:01 - Sitting on chair (right)

2:24 - In Bushes

2:40 - In Car

Alternate endings

There are five other alternate endings of the music video, which included on The Greatest Hits - Why Make Videos DVD:

  • Always wait 30 minutes after you eat before swimming, And don't be a racist, or else. (Don gets drowned in pool) This ending featured a cameo from Paris Hilton.
  • Don't talk to strangers, And don't be a racist, or else. (Don gets killed by 'Neighbourhood Watch Community' figure in black)
  • Always pay your debts, And don't be a racist, or else. (Don gets killed by an Asian man)
  • This is Hollywood, anything is possible, And don't be a racist, or else you die by a horse. (Don gets killed by a knight riding a horse)
  • Always take small bites, And don't be a racist, or else you die. (Don gets choked while eating)

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