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get nowhere fast

Nowhere Fast

"Nowhere Fast" is a song, first performed by Fire Inc. in 1984 for the rock movie Streets of Fire. A cover of the song was later recorded by Meat Loaf. The song was entirely written by Jim Steinman. Laurie Sargent performed the lead vocals. Holly Sherwood and Rory Dodd performed the background vocals.

Fire Inc. single

The "Nowhere Fast" single contains an edit (edited down to 4:11 from the 6:02 album version) and the Marilyn Martin track "Sorcerer", also from the Streets of Fire soundtrack.


  • Music and Lyrics: Jim Steinman
  • Lead Vocals: Laurie Sargent
  • Background Vocals: Rory Dodd, Holly Sherwood and Eric Troyer
  • Piano: Roy Bittan
  • Guitars: Dave Johnstone and Mike Landau
  • Bass: Steve Buslowe
  • Synthesizer: Larry Fast
  • Drums: Max Weinberg and Jim Bralower
  • Drum Programming: Jim Bralower
  • Additional Keyboards: Jim Steinman

Meat Loaf single

This version of the song was originally intended for Fire Inc., but dropped in favor of an alternate version. Meat Loaf performed it live during the Bad Attitude tour.

Single versions

12" maxi single

7" single

  • "Nowhere Fast" (4:00) (Jim Steinman)
  • "Clap Your Hands" (2:23) (Richard Hartley/Brian Thompson)

Both B-sides were recorded during Meat Loaf's sessions for the The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, and remained unreleased until this single.

There were four different versions of the 7" single, including a shaped picture disc, a pop-up cover and a gatefold sleeve.



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