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Can't Get It Out of My Head

Can't Get It Out of My Head is a song by Electric Light Orchestra.

First released on the band's fourth album, Eldorado, in July 1974, the song is the second track on the album and follows "Eldorado Overture." The song was released in November of that same year as a single.

The song became the band's first top ten single in the US and helped boost public awareness of the band in America, however, back in the UK the single and LP failed to chart. In 1978 the song was included on a four-track ELO EP (UK release) reaching #34 on the UK charts. The song has appeared on many ELO compilation albums.

Other appearances

  • The song was recently covered by the hard rock supergroup Velvet Revolver on their album Libertad.
  • In 2006, the popular Fox teenage drama, The OC, featured a special cover version of the song in an episode, as well as commissioning the indie artist John Paul White to cover the track for Music From The OC: Mix 6 "Covering Our Tracks".
  • A live cover version by Fountains of Wayne appeared on their 2006 album Out Of State Plates.

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