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Things Can Only Get Better (D:Ream song)

"Things Can Only Get Better" is a popular song by .

The song took several months to reach the top of the UK singles chart. Originally a club hit, pop success took much longer for the song, initially it reached #24 on the singles chart in January 1993. Band member Al Mackenzie left later that year and remaining member Peter Cunnah took the band in a more pop friendly direction. Things Can Only Get Better was remixed and became an instant hit spending four weeks at number one in January 1994.

As a campaign song

In 1997 the track was adopted by the UK Labour Party as their theme for the 1997 UK General Election, in an attempt to reflect the need for change. On the back of this use it returned to the chart reaching #19 in May 1997.

John O'Farrell used the song title as the title of his book about Labour's 18 years in opposition. Later Cunnah admitted mixed feelings about the use of the song as part of the election campaign.

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