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Let's get ready to rumble!

"Let's get ready to rumble!" is the trademarked catchphrase used to introduce the featured bout on televised boxing events presented by promoter Bob Arum and his Top Rank, Inc. organization. This catchphrase is notably used by American boxing & Professional Wrestling announcer Michael Buffer.


The full version of the famous quote, as said in boxing matches:
From the (venue) in (city), for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world, Ladies and Gentlemen, Let's get ready to rumble!''
(The L in "Let's" is slurred)


The quote has been used extensively in the media to hype sporting events. It is also used in the video game series Ready 2 Rumble Boxing and was the main lyric in hit singles "Let's Get Ready to Rumble (USA)" by Michael Buffer and (as a sample) "Let's Get Ready To Rhumble" by PJ & Duncan AKA.

  • The quote has been used in Disney's Hercules by the villain Hades before the start of the protagonist's match with the Hydra.
  • At the 1999 Indianapolis 500, Buffer served as guest public address announcer, and changed the catchphrase to "Let's get ready for racing!"
  • WWE wrestling stable D-Generation X does a variation of Buffer's famous speech; the only difference is the word "rumble" is replaced with the infamous DX catchphrase "suck it."
  • In recent years, Michael Buffer has also used the phrase to begin the Royal Rumble match.
  • Buffer has used the phrase in other contexts; for instance, in a lottery commercial, he changed the ending to "Win big!", then went on to expound on the prizes offered by that state's lottery.
  • The phrase has also recently been used by Kraft Foods to promote Kraft Cheese Crumbles with the phrase changed to "Let's get ready to Crumble!"
  • BBC Radio 1 DJ Comedy Dave says "Let's get ready to ramble!' on every show, just after 9 am.
  • Buffer used the phrase in several of the Rocky movie series as the ring announcer.
  • The phrase is used as Buffer also says the introductions before the Detroit Lions Football games at Ford Field.
  • Buffer has also appeared in rapper Jay-Z's Fade To Black concert film.
  • New York City taxicabs in the late 1990s and early 2000s featured a welcome message, voiced by Michael Buffer, encouraging riders to buckle their seatbelt before exclaiming "Let's get ready to rumble.... for safety!"
  • The MJ Morning Radio Show got in to some legal troubles when MJ said the catch phrase on the air when Froggie was going to wrestle a female intern that was on her high school wrestling team. A listener turned them in for hopes of reward money.

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