get a hand

Give Yourself a Hand

Give Yourself a Hand is the fourth album by the Crash Test Dummies, released in 1999, and their final album for BMG. The album spawned a quirky hit "Keep a Lid on Things". The Times review of the album described it as "the best music of their album of rare wit and vitality."

Track listing

Lyrics by Brad Roberts.
Music by Brad Roberts & Greg Wells.
except A Little Something written by Ellen Reid, Brad Roberts, & Greg Wells, I Love Your Goo and Aching To Sneeze written by Brad Roberts.

  1. "Keep a Lid on Things"
  2. "A Cigarette Is All You Get"
  3. "Just Chillin'"
  4. "I Want to Par-tay!"
  5. "Give Yourself a Hand"
  6. "Get You in the Morning"
  7. "Pissed With Me"
  8. "Just Shoot Me, Baby"
  9. "A Little Something"
  10. "I Love Your Goo"
  11. "Aching to Sneeze"
  12. "Playing Dead"


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