get a fix

Five Get into a Fix

Five Get into a Fix was written by Enid Blyton and published in 1942 by Hodder and Stoughton.


In this exiting novel the four and their dog Timmy, had the worst Christmas holidays ever with coughs and colds at Julian’s house. To recover Julian’s mother sends them to a farm house, on the hills and beside the sea shore, for the last week of holidays.

On their way they get lost and reach the old towers and see weird things. While going down the slope their car felt heavier than before, as if someone/something was pulling them. Finally they reach the farm house at night. There they met Mrs. Jones (the owner of the farm-house), ate their dinner and slept like logs.

The next morning when the five came down to the dinning room for break fast they met Mrs. Jones son ‘Morgan’ he has seven dogs and is as strong as ten elephants, his voice can be heard from miles away. When the five went for a walk that day Timmy got hurt on his neck by three savage farm dogs. George and Anne decide to leave next day. Leaving George, Anne and Timmy in the farm house the boys went to a hut and had a lot of fun, on the steep hills without any adult help, just as they liked. On the way back to the farm house they met a little girl wearing torn clothes, she introduced herself and her pets. Her name was Aily, her dogs name was Dai and her lamb was Fanny she was the shepherd’s daughter. When they told this to Mrs. Jones she said not to play with her, she might steal your things. Julian and Dick shared their experience of the hut with George and Anne. They soon decided to spend their holidays in the hut with no adult help just as they liked. They enjoyed the whole day playing in the hut but at night strange sounds and vibrations came from the old towers. When they met the care taker of old towers he said that no one lived in the old towers, they had seen many faces at the old towers in night so they became suspicious about it.
Aily was their only hope because she was the only one who roamed around the hills and may be to the old towers too. Aily slowly became friends with the five and told them everything they enquired; she even said that the owner of old towers lived with many people. She said that she had seen the owner many times and only once when she was spotted the owner gave her a chit but she didn’t know how to read or write. When she gave the chit to the five, in the note it was written “I’m kidnapped in my own house. Please call the police.”. On reading this they thought of rescuing her, but Aily refused to take them to old towers. The five thought that they can get Morgan’s help, but when Morgan heard this he snatched the note from them and told them not to interfere in this.
The evening Aily was back with the five in the hut and this time accepted to take them to the old towers.

She took them to a pot hole which entered the old towers secretly. They met the owner and asked her why she was kidnapped she said that there was a very precious metal down slope which pulled anything to it. While getting out of their they spotted Morgan and the shepherd, soon they knew that even they were on a rescue mission. When all were spotted and seized, Morgan screamed to call his dogs from miles away and they soon rescued everyone. When all of them returned they saw party arrangements, it was Morgan’s birthday.


  • George- Her real name is Georgiana but she likes to be called George, she is very short tempered to.
  • Timmy- George’s dog
  • Anne- George’s cousin. She likes cooking
  • Julian- He is rather rough and tough
  • Dick- He is to like Julian
  • Dr. Drew – Five’s doctor who suggested them to change place and go to hills for recovering.
  • Jenkins – A worker in Juilen’s house, Mrs. Jones nephew who suggested five to go to his aunt’s farmhouse in Magga Glen.
  • Mrs. Jones – The owner of Magga glen farm house
  • Morgan – Son of Mrs. Jones. A very strong man with extraordinary loud voice.
  • Aily – The Shepherd’s daughter who knew the hills very well and hide in mountains whenever scolded. Unfortunately, her English is very bad, and she breaks to Welsh several times.
  • Mrs. Thomas – The old women, who owns the old towers, and is house arrested by her son and friends.
  • Llewelyn – Son of Mrs. Thomas who kidnapped his mother in her house to dig away the precious metal from hills.

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