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Revenge R Us

Revenge R Us is Goosebumps book about a Girl named Wade Brill whose brother Micah revolves his life around torturing her, so she decides to get revenge. She finds a place called Revenge R Us; however, the revenge goes too far. It was book #7 of the Goosebumps: Series 2000.


Wade is constantly tortured by her 17-year-old brother Micah. When Micah backs his car over Wade's bike, she decides to go to "Revenge R Us", a strange place for revenges. After asking for revenges and having them backfire, she finds out they were always going to backfire, as Micah had given Iris money to have the spells backfire. Soon, Wade steals the crow used by Iris and gets revenge on Micah. Iris arrives to stop Wade, and Wade attempts to turn Iris into a frog, but realizes that the crow can only allow 3 wishes, before the next wish backfires on the user. Wade discovers this is her 4th wish.


It's a bird's eye view... of horror!


Wade Brill

Wade is a 12 year old girl who is constantly tortured by 17-year-old older brother Micah. When Micah backs the car over Wade's bike she decides she has to get revenge and so goes to a place called "Revenge R Us" with her friend Carl. Wade has a crush on a boy named Steve Wilson, her friends include; Carl Jeffers, a girl named Ellen, Julie Wilson and Julie's brother Steve Wilson. Wade's favorite word is revenge, she will watch any movie with revenge in the title mainly because she dearly wants to get revenge on Micah.

Micah Brill

Micah is a 17-year-old twelfth grader who enjoys torturing his little sister Wade. He is tall, a good student, wavy haired and good looking as described by Wade in the book. Micah has a girlfriend named Sophie Russel who he likes to make him think he is a caffeine freak who drinks 3 coffees a day when in fact he never drinks it. Micah cares about his hair as much as Sophie, he constantly runs his hand through it and spends a long time on it before his date with Sophie. Micah is always snooping in Wade's room and stealing her stuff, for example stealing her underwear and parading it around on his head then throwing it at Steve Wilson, but he doesn't snoop to steal her underwear, he snoops to steal her diary which is filled with much embarrassing information about her affection for Steve Wilson.


Iris is a woman who runs and is the sole human employee of "Revenge R us". She uses her magic spells and magic crow Maggie to assist people in getting revenge, she lives in a run down trailer park and is obsessed with the colour purple. She has a tendency to mess up her spells, or does she?


Maggie is Iris's magic crow that she requires to cast her spells, they are cast by closing the eyes, thinking of the spell and stroking Maggie's back three times. At times Maggie seems almost human, in that she seems to understand English and communicates with other characters in her own way.

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