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Dimitri Voudouris

Dimitri Voudouris [Δημητριος Βουδουρης] - [born 1961 in Athens, Greece] an electroacoustic composer and pharmacist living in South Africa who pioneered UNYAZI, the first electronic music festival and symposium on the African continent in 2005 that took place at University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, South Africa. He lectures part-time at Witwatersrand University in electronic music composition.

He composes for acoustic instruments, electronic sound sources, multimedia, including dance and theatre. He bases his technical and theoretical compositional approach in research of cognitive psycho-acoustic behavioral patterns in humans and the behavior of sound in relationship to continued environmental changes. His socio-cultural interests have led him to research the survival of music in the 21st century and the impact that media and technology have on the composer.

His Impilo (2000-2001), which means life, uses field recordings and tries to capture both commercial media and wild-life. These natural sounds were then mixed together with electronic media to combine two extreme fields of sound. The composer said that "I tried to create a warm, natural environment in which the listener is surrounded in everyday life." Voudouris added that this analysis of sound has allowed him to discover man and his environment, no matter how technical and complex it may be. "The energy flowing through both animate and inanimate objects is the same - it is the space that constantly changes our everyday experiences."


  • UNOXHAKA [1998] Piano.
  • ...A VICTORY FOR HEALTH... [2000] News media Audio Montage.
  • IMPILO [2000-2001] Computer music with prepared environment.
  • SIZOBONANA [2002] Field recordings, African percussion, Computer processing.
  • PALMOS [2002] Hammond Organ B4, Bandoneon, Oboe, Computer processing.
  • NPFAI.1 [2002] Kalimba, Kundi, Granular synthesis.
  • NPFAI.2 [2002-2003] Piccolo, Flute, Bass Clarinet, French Horn, Hindewhu, Computer processing.
  • NPFAI.3 [2003] African marimba, Computer processing.
  • NPFAI.3 + WM [2004] Western Marimba and tape.
  • PRAXIS [2003-2004] Orthodox Christian Male Choir, Magnetic Tape and Computer processing.
  • ONTA [2003-2005] Soprano and Electronic Music.
  • ISILOKAZANE [2007] Piano.
  • ΑΛΘ = Φ [2005-2008] TTS[text to speech synthesis]with computer assisted processing for a 24 speaker interactive robotic ensemble with ΘΩΡΑΞ a designed space for live performance.

Multimedia Theater

  • L22P08M02 [2002-2005] Scene 1-3: Field recording of demonstration, Dance Theatre, Poetry, Visual Design, Computer assisted processing.
  • ANAMNΗΣΙΣ [2007- 2008] [ΜΕΡΟΣ Α-Γ]: 50 Piccolo Flutes,20 Trumpets,20 Children baring banners and remote control toys,3 Actors,Mixed choir with short-wave receivers,3 Megaphones,3 Inflatable Balls,16 Dancers on Roller-skates and Stalls,Birds,8 Microphones,3 Transparent Screens with Projectors and Animation,Audience,Computer music,Sound Projection.

Contemporary Dance

  • LEXICOPHONY.1 [2003-2004] Computer music for Disabled Contemporary Dance Performance.
  • GESTICULAR [Cena 1-11] [2006-2007]: [Cena 2,4,8,10,11] originally commissioned by Projet Insitu for contemporary dance TAXIDERMIE - as part of the specific project 4M [Maputo] with funding from the French Institute of South Africa - Contrabass, Grand piano, Violin, Xylophone, Mbira, Field recordings, Computer assisted processing.
  • UVIVI [2008] Computer Music for Contemporary Dance Theatre.


  • JHB626GP [2006] Short compositions and field recordings for the video work of Ismail Farouk exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2006.


NPFAI.1,Palmos,NPFAI.3,Praxis - {Pogal Productions}


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