Pronoian Made

Pronoian Made was an alternative rock/gothic metal band from Luxemburg. Founded in 1989 by Oliver Made (vocals & guitar) under the name The Escape, the band has toured through most European countries and supported bands such as HIM, The Crüxshadows, Clan of Xymox, and Zeraphine. They have also played on festivals like the Wave-Gotik-Treffen. The musical style of the band has evolved from early days punk to a modern rock sound with melancholic melodies and ethereal guitars.

After releasing three official albums ("Welcome in Pronoia" , "EP1613" and "Cherubim") and contributing to numerous samplers ("Künstler zum WGT vol.11 & 13", "Dark Awakenings vol.3", "Dark Horizons", "Zillo-Scope 06/2004",...) the creative work of the band came to a grinding halt, surprising fans and the media alike.

Last known line-up

  • Oliver Made: vocals & guitars
  • Neal Lisé: guitars
  • Joey May: bass

Previous known band members

  • Luc Hoffmann: drums (1991-1996 & 2002-2004)
  • Dan Gerous: Bass (2000-2002)
  • Raoul Thomé: bass (unknown)


Official discography

1995 - Welcome in Pronoia This record is the debut album of Pronoian Made, recorded in the lapse of a few days at One World Studios during the summer of 1995. It contains some powerful rock and metal songs as well as slower and sadder songs, already showing the direction future recordings would take. While most of the songs were written especially for this record, it also features three classic songs from the early debuts of the band (Land of the Night, War, The Solution). This album was originally released under the name "Hegemonikon". Recorded by the line-up Made/Lisé/Thomé.

The complete track list of the album:

  • 1 - Rain in Pronoia
  • 2 - Deadly Angel
  • 3 - Land of the Night
  • 4 - Let the Story begin
  • 5 - Heavenly Hell
  • 6 - To a Nation
  • 7 - King of the Apocalypse
  • 8 - Welcome in Pronoia
  • 9 - War
  • 10 - The Solution

1998 - Demos & Mixes This record is a multimedia disc containing two new songs ("Her Waltz" and "Ode / Do love my sin"), a new version of the "Land of the Night", a live track ("Child DC", also a new song) and "Welcome in Pronoia" from the debut album. The multimedia part of the CD is made of pictures and artwork, as well as a presentation of the band itself. It works with both Macintosh and PC. Recorded by the line-up Made/Lisé.

The complete track list of the album:

  • 1 - Her Waltz
  • 2 - Ode
  • 3 - Land of the Night
  • 4 - Child D.C.
  • 5 - Welcome in Pronoia

2001 - EP1613 This 5 track mini-record was highly acclaimed both by national and international press, and brought the band first international reviews and slots on international bills and festivals, including the famous Wave Gotik Treffen. This record is self-produced and was recorded by the trio Made/Gerous/Lisé in a mere few days in their regular rehearsal studio.

The complete track list of the album:

  • 1 - The Pronoian Song
  • 2 - She Walks in Beauty
  • 3 - At His Request
  • 4 - Child D.C.
  • 5 - Disproportion

2003 - Cherubim Recorded by the line-up Made/Lisé/May/Luc. This album was originally planned to be released under the name "Circus Made", but both the title track and album name were dropped after bassist Dan Gerous left the band in the middle of the recording process in May 2001. The complete recordings were dropped, and recorded again two years later, with a new line-up, and released by Equinoxe Records.

The complete track list of the album:

  • 1 - Appear and Laugh
  • 2 - Koh-i-nor part II
  • 3 - Inner Circle
  • 4 - The Storm
  • 5 - The Secret
  • 6 - Recurrence
  • 7 - World Bizarre
  • 8 - Last Respite
  • 9 - A Wedding Song (fragment)

Samplers & other releases

  • 2002 - Künstler Zum 11. Wave-Gotik-Treffen
  • 2003 - Dark Awakening Vol. 3
  • 2004 - Künstler Zum 13. Wave-Gotik-Treffen
  • 2004 - Sonic Seducer Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 38
  • 2004 - Zilloscope New Signs and Sounds 2004/06
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