Cercle de l'Oratoire

The Cercle de l'Oratoire (French for "Oratory Circle") is a French think tank created a short time after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Since 2006, it edits a journal, Le Meilleur des mondes. The Circle is led by the journalist Michel Taubmann, who is also in charge of the news at Arte-Paris, and of his wife Florence, a pastor at the Temple de l'oratoire du Louvre and vice-president of the Amitié judéo-chrétienne group (Judeo-Christian Friendship). Many of its members (André Glucksmann, Pascal Bruckner, Romain Goupil, etc.) and the Meilleur des mondes journal supported the US invasion of Iraq, a minority viewpoint in France.

Le Meilleur des mondes

The journal Le Meilleur des mondes is published by the éditions Denoël and headed by Michel Taubmann. It has multiplied interventions in support of the Untied States following 9/11, and launched a first petition in favor of United Nations's intervention in Afghanistan . Two years later, it published another petition in Le Figaro supporting the US invasion of Iraq .

This journal has been qualified by parts of the French media as the "Voice of America" or as a gathering point of French neoconservatives (néo-conservateurs à la française) . The journal, however, recuses these labels, and presents itself as "anti-totalitarian" and considers radical Islam as a "real danger". It also claims that "there has never been so much anti-Jewish propaganda."



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