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University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, commonly referred to as UET Lahore is one of the leading engineering universities of Pakistan, and the oldest of them all, offering Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees in a variety of disciplines. UET is a state university and the Governor of Punjab is the Chancellor of the university. The Vice-Chancellor is the executive head and manages the university functions.


UET was established in 1921 as the Mughalpura Technical College. Its more familiar name of the pre-University era, the Maclagan Engineering College, was adopted in 1923 when Sir Edward Maclagan, the then Governor of the Punjab, laid the foundation stone of the building, now called the Main Block.

The year 1932 is a major milestone in the evolution of this institution when it was affiliated with the University of the Punjab for award of a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. At the time of the partition of British India, in 1947, it had well-established B.Sc. Degree courses in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, and the quality of its scholastic standards had won it a place of prestige throughout British India.

In 1954 it started a Bachelor's Degree course in Mining Engineering, the first-ever of its kind in the country. But its massive expansion and development commenced in 1961 on its transformation into the West Pakistan University of Engineering & Technology. It set for itself a variety of goals, but the first priority was to start teaching of those disciplines which were crucial for national development but were not catered for by any institution in the country. Accordingly, in the 1960s, Bachelor's Degree courses were started in Chemical Engineering, Petroleum & Gas Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Architecture and City & Regional Planning.

Later, the University concentrated its energies and resources on developing its postgraduate programs. By the 1970s it had established over a score of Master's Degree Courses in diverse specializations of engineering, architecture, planning and allied disciplines. Ph.D. Degree Program was also instituted in a number of disciplines. Presently, the institute offers the most diverse range of programs in different disciplines of engineering under the supervision of its six faculties.


It is located on Grand Trunk Road, Begum Pura, Lahore, (31°34'42.34"N & 74°21'31.90"E ) and is within a distance of few kilometers from Shalimar Gardens. It has 6 gates. Normally gate no 3 is used for normal usage.


Besides the main campus in Lahore, a sub-campus was established at Faisalabad in 2004. Presently, this campus is being transferred to the Bypass Road 4km from [Khurrianwala]. The Faisalabad campus is currently offering Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering and Chemical Engineering. From the year 2008 onwards, classes will be transferred to this campus & new engineering programs will be established.

The University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila was established as a sub-campus of UET Lahore in the early 1970s. It was upgraded to a university in 1993.

Another sub-campus of the university is under construction in Kala Shah Kaku. Besides its sub-campuses, UET Lahore also supervises and awards graduate degrees to some of the engineering programs of the state-run engineering institutions that are affiliated with it.



UET Lahore offers Bachelors, Masters and in various disciplines under the following faculties:

  • Faculty of [[Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Chemical, Mineral and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Architecture and Planning
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences, Humanities and Islamic Studies
  • Faculty of Polymer & Process Engineering
  • Departments

    The disciplines offered by the above faculties are:

    The institute is the top-rated engineering university in Pakistan. It is most famous for its undergraduate studies and is the top priority of higher secondary school graduates of the province. From a total enrollment of 447 in 1961, the figure has now gone up to about 6000 of which 500 students are pursuing postgraduate studies. The number of female students is more than 1000 at present. Many foreign students, mostly from South Asian, Middle-Eastern and African countries, also come to UET for undergraduate studies. UET's graduates are often picked up by leading corporations and multinationals in the country.

    The UET faculty consists of over 290 individuals out of which, more than 80 have doctoral degrees from reputed institutions in U.S., UK and elsewhere. The total number of PhD faculty members is likely to grow beyond 100.

    Establishing traditions of research in the engineering and allied disciplines has been a major goal of the UET. With this end in view, the University has established a Directorate of Research, Extension and Advisory Services which strives for the promotion and organization of research activities. The Al-Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Sciences is also a notable name in on-going research activity in Computer Sciences in Pakistan

    The Polymer & Process Engineering Department is a new department in UET, Lahore. It is the only engineering department in Pakistan that is offering the best education in Polymer Engineering. It not only covers Polymer Engineering but also invoves the core courses of Chemical Engineering. It also offers a number of scholarships to its students and is in good contact with the local industry. In a very short span of time, the department has become one of the best departments in UET. The Department was designed to build on current activities and to provide a nucleus for the University's rapidly expanding industrially orientated research, training and consultancy in polymer science and engineering. The department is working relentlessly to establish a meaningful and productive link with prominent polymer related industries. The broad framework of cooperation is as follows :

    Industry Contribution Industrial training & internships Enhancement of laboratory facilities Scholarships for students Research projects leading to M.Sc. engineering Funded industrial research Modes of Interactions Direct Liaison on Specific Project Basis. Collaboration through HEC-Industry Linkage Program Collaborating Industries Department has signed Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) with some of the leading industries. We provide industrial research and testing facilities to these industries. Industries provide practical knowledge to our graduates. Some of the major industries entering into agreement with department include: Packages (Pvt.) Ltd SPELL Group of Industries Lucky Plastics Fiber Craft Composites Popular Pipes Forward Sports

    Co-Curricular Activities and Societies

    The students of the institute are quite active in sports and other co-curricular activities. Apart from sports-related facilities, there are also official societies to promote healthy co-curricular activities. UETians often come out as winners in co/extracurricular competitions held throughout the leading educational institutes. Presently, the Dramatics Society at UET is very renowned throughout the educational institutions in Punjab.Moreover the UETians are helping on volunteer basis and has a very efficient Blood Donor Society which among the one of the biggest and youngest society of UET formed by a small number of students and now has more than 4000 active blood donors and more than 25 members.

    Following is a list of the officially constituted societies active at UET.

    The National Library of Engineering Science

    The National Library of Engineering Science is the central library for the university with a seating capacity for 400 readers and boasting more than 125,000 volumes and 60,000 issues of scientific and technical serials.

    The student of the institute is popularly referred to as a ''"UETian"' and "Theta" or "Θ" is the UETian who is busy in his studies all the time with no balanced time for other activities.

    Notable Alumni

    UET Alumni in Foreign University Faculties

    • Dr. Mohammad Ilyas (Professor - Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, USA)
    • Dr. Ashfaq A. Khokhar (Professor - University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, USA)
    • Dr. Gul Nawaz Khan (Associate Professor - Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
    • Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad (Professor - University of Texas, Arlington, Texas, USA)
    • Dr. Arif Ghafoor (Professor - Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA)
    • Dr. Maqsood A. Chaudhry (Professor - California State University, Fullerton, California, USA)
    • Dr. Amir Asif (Associate Professor - York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
    • Dr. Iqbal Gondal (Senior Lecturer - Monash University, Australia)
    • Dr. Arif Masud (Associate Professor - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA)
    • Dr. Khuram Qurashi(Assistant professor-The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,Hong Kong)


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