Robert Frodeman

Robert Frodeman is Professor and Chair, Dept of Philosophy and Religion Studies, University of North Texas, previously at the University of Colorado. He works in the areas of environmental philosophy, the philosophy of geology, and philosophy of science policy and has written a substantial body of peer-reviewed academic work in these areas. Throughout his work he emphasizes the role that philosophy can play in addressing ongoing societal controversies such as acid mine drainage, global climate change, and Hurricane Katrina. His most recent work focuses on the theory and practice of interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge.

In the fall of 2008 Frodeman became the founding director of UNT's Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity (CSID). CSID focuses on identifying best practices for interdisciplinary research and education, and views the last 100 years of disciplinarity across the academy as breaking down under the pressure of complex problems and the overproduction of knowledge.


Frodeman attended St. Louis University, where he gained degrees in History and Philosophy, Pennsylvania State University, where he obtained a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and the University of Colorado, where he then obtained a M.S. degree in Geology. In the 1990s he consulted for the US Geological Survey on questions of science policy.

His research focuses on environmental philosophy and public policy and the theory and practice of interdisciplinary research and education. The UNT PhD program in Philosophy that he directs emphasizes 'field' approaches to philosophy where philosophers work with scientists, engineers, and policy makers.

He is the author or editor of:

  • Frodeman, R. Earth Matters: The Earth Sciences, Philosophy, And The Claims Of Community.. Upper Saddle River, NJ.: Prentice Hall.
  • Frodeman, R. Geo-Logic: Breaking Ground Between Philosophy And The Earth Sciences.. Albany: State University of New York Press.
  • Foltz, B.V.; R. Frodeman Rethinking Nature: Essays In Environmental Philosophy.. Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Press.

Frodeman is editor of the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinarity (Oxford, 2009) and co-editor (with Baird Callicott) of the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy (MacMillan, 2008). He has written over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles, and held 18 grants and awards totalling over $1 million. Since 2001 he has directed the interdisciplinary project New Directions: Science, Humanities, Policy --now being absorbed by CSID.


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