genus lactarius

List of Lactarius species

The genus Lactarius has over 400 members worldwide. Probably the best known and most widely eaten is Lactarius deliciosus.

Species name Subgenus Section Subsection Milk/cap Distribution
Lactarius bertillonii Lactariopsis Albati
Lactarius vellereus Lactariopsis Albati Fleecy Europe
Lactarius glaucescens Lactarius Lactarius
Lactarius piperatus Lactarius Lactarius Peppery Europe, North America
Lactarius volemus Lactifluus Lactifluus Europe
Lactarius turpis (=L. plumbeus

"font-style : italic;">L. necator)

Piperites Atroviridi Ugly Europe
Lactarius glyciosmus Piperites Colorati Coloratini
Lactarius helvus Piperites Colorati Coloratini mildly poisonous, Europe, NA
Lactarius lilacinus Piperites Colorati Coloratini
Lactarius mammosus Piperites Colorati Coloratini
Lactarius rufus Piperites Colorati Rufini
Lactarius deliciosus Piperites Deliciosi Saffron Northern hemisphere, Australia
Lactarius deterrimus Piperites Deliciosi False saffron Europe
Lactarius fennoscnadicus Piperites Deliciosi
Lactarius quieticolor Piperites Deliciosi
Lactarius salmonicolor Piperites Deliciosi
Lactarius sanguifluus Piperites Deliciosi
Lactarius semisangifluus Piperites Deliciosi
Lactarius dryadophilus Piperites Glutinosi Aspideini
Lactarius albocarneus Piperites Glutinosi Pallidini
Lactarius hysginus Piperites Glutinosi Pallidini
Lactarius musteus Piperites Glutinosi Pallidini
Lactarius pallidus Piperites Glutinosi Pallidini
Lactarius blennius Piperites Glutinosi Pyrogalini Beech
Lactarius circellatus Piperites Glutinosi Pyrogalini
Lactarius flexuosus Piperites Glutinosi Pyrogalini
Lactarius fluens Piperites Glutinosi Pyrogalini
Lactarius pilatii Piperites Glutinosi Pyrogalini
Lactarius pyrogalus Piperites Glutinosi Pyrogalini
Lactarius rozeozonatus Piperites Glutinosi Pyrogalini
Lactarius syringinus Piperites Glutinosi Pyrogalini
Lactarius vietus Piperites Glutinosi Pyrogalini Grey
Lactarius hysginoides Piperites Glutinosi Trivialini
Lactarius nanus Piperites Glutinosi Trivialini
Lactarius subcircellatus Piperites Glutinosi Trivialini
Lactarius trivialis Piperites Glutinosi Trivialini
Lactarius utilis Piperites Glutinosi Trivialini
Lactarius mairei Piperites Piperites
Lactarius pubescens Piperites Piperites
Lactarius scoticus Piperites Piperites
Lactarius spinosulus Piperites Piperites
Lactarius torminosulus Piperites Piperites
Lactarius torminosus Piperites Piperites Woolly Europe
Lactarius aspideus Piperites Uvidi Aspideini
Lactarius flavidus Piperites Uvidi Aspideini
Lactarius flavidus ss. Korhonen Piperites Uvidi Aspideini
Lactarius repraesentaneus Piperites Uvidi Aspideini
Lactarius salicis-herbaceae Piperites Uvidi Aspideini
Lactarius salicis-reticulatae Piperites Uvidi Aspideini
Lactarius brunneoviolaceus Piperites Uvidi Uvidini
Lactarius luridus Piperites Uvidi Uvidini
Lactarius pseudouvidus Piperites Uvidi Uvidini
Lactarius uvidus Piperites Uvidi Uvidini Europe, N. Africa, N. America
Lactarius violascens Piperites Uvidi Uvidini
Lactarius chrysorrheus Piperites Zonarii Croceini Yellowdrop
Lactarius aquizonatus Piperites Zonarii Scrobiculati
Lactarius auriolla Piperites Zonarii Scrobiculati
Lactarius citriolens Piperites Zonarii Scrobiculati
Lactarius citriolens var Pouzar Piperites Zonarii Scrobiculati
Lactarius leonis Piperites Zonarii Scrobiculati
Lactarius olivinus Piperites Zonarii Scrobiculati
Lactarius resimus Piperites Zonarii Scrobiculati
Lactarius scrobiculatus Piperites Zonarii Scrobiculati
Lactarius tuomikoskii Piperites Zonarii Scrobiculati
Lactarius acerrimus Piperites Zonarii Zonarii
Lactarius controversus Piperites Zonarii Zonarii
Lactarius evosmus Piperites Zonarii Zonarii
Lactarius porninsis Piperites Zonarii Zonarii
Lactarius zonarius Piperites Zonarii Zonarii
Lactarius zonaroides Piperites Zonarii Zonarii
Lactarius acris Plinthogalus Plinthogali
Lactarius azonites Plinthogalus Plinthogali
Lactarius fuliginosus Plinthogalus Plinthogali Sooty
Lactarius lignyotus Plinthogalus Plinthogali
Lactarius picinus Plinthogalus Plinthogali
Lactarius pterosporus Plinthogalus Plinthogali
Lactarius romagnesii Plinthogalus Plinthogali
Lactarius ruginosus Plinthogalus Plinthogali
Lactarius camphoratus Russularia Olentes
Lactarius rostratus Russularia Olentes
Lactarius serifluus Russularia Olentes
Lactarius subumbonatus Russularia Olentes
Lactarius aurantiacus Russularia Russularia Orange
Lactarius badiosanguineus Russularia Russularia
Lactarius decipiens Russularia Russularia
Lactarius duplicatus Russularia Russularia
Lactarius fulvissimus Russularia Russularia
Lactarius hepaticus Russularia Russularia
Lactarius lacunarum Russularia Russularia
Lactarius lanceolatus Russularia Russularia
Lactarius quietus Russularia Russularia
Lactarius sphagneti Russularia Russularia
Lactarius subdulcis Russularia Russularia Mild Europe
Lactarius cyathuliformis Russularia Tabidi
Lactarius obscuratus Russularia Tabidi
Lactarius omphaliformis Russularia Tabidi
Lactarius rubrocinctus Russularia Tabidi
Lactarius tabidus Russularia Tabidi Birch
Lactarius alnicola North America
Lactarius camphoratusis Curry
Lactarius clarkei Australia
Lactarius fragilis Candy
Lactarius rubidus Candy
Lactarius rufulus Rufus Candy
Lactarius xanthogalactus Pepper
Lactarius rubrilacteus Bleeding
Lactarius pallescens

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