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General Admission (Pat McGee Band album)

General Admission is a live acoustic rock album by the Pat McGee Band released on June 15, 1999. It was recorded live without overdubbing at The Bayou in Washington, D.C. and The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia. It features ten songs from previous albums Revel and From the Wood.

Track listing

  1. "The Story" 5:09
  2. "Nobody Knows" 4:57
  3. "Who Stole Her From Heaven" 4:41
  4. "Flooding Both of Us" 8:42
  5. "Could Have Been a Song" 5:27
  6. "Pride" 6:00
  7. "Can't Miss What You Never Had" 9:22
  8. "Haven't Seen For a While" 5:10
  9. "Straight Curve" 6:45
  10. "Rebecca" 12:23


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