genera list

List of Bacteria genera

This article lists the genera of the Bacteria.

Phylum Acidobacteria.

Order Acidobacteriales

Family Acidobacteriaceae

Phylum Actinobacteria

Class Mikeiasis

Subclass Acidimicrobidae

Order Acidimicrobiales

Subclass Actinobacteridae

Order Actinomycetales

Order Bifidobacteriales

Subclass Coriobacteridae

Order Coriobacteriales

Subclass Rubrobacteridae

Order Rubrobacterales

Subclass Sphaerobacteridae

Order Sphaerobacterales

Phylum Aquificae

Class Aquificae

Order Aquificales

Phylum Bacteroidetes

Class Bacteroidetes

Order Bacteroidales

Class Flavobacteriaceae

Order Flavobacteriales

Class Flexibacteraceae

Class Rhodothermus

Class Sphingobacterium

Order Sphingobacteriales''

Phylum Chlamydiae

Class Chlamydiae

Order Chlamydiales

Phylum Chlorobi

Class Chlorobia

Order Chlorobiales

Phylum Chloroflexi

These Philum is formerly known as green non-sulfur bacteria

Class Chloroflexi

Phylum Chrysiogenetes

Order Chrysiogenales

Phylum Cyanobacteria

Phylum Deferribacteres

Class Deferribacteres

Order Deferribacterales

Phylum Deinococcus-Thermus

Class Deinococci

Order Deinococcales

Order Thermales

Phylum Dictyoglomi

Class Dictyoglomi

Order Dictyoglomales

Phylum Fibrobacteres

Phylum Firmicutes

Class Bacilli

Order Bacillales

Order Lactobacillales

Class Clostridia

Order Clostridiales

Order Halanaerobiales

Order Thermoanaerobacteriales

Class Mollicutes

Order Mycoplasmatales

Order Entomoplasmatales

Order Anaeroplasmatales

Order Acholeplasmatales

Phylum Fusobacteria

Phylum Gemmatimonadetes

Phylum Nitrospirae

Phylum Planctomycetes

Class Planctomycetia

Order Planctomycetales

Phylum Proteobacteria

Class Alpha Proteobacteria

Order Caulobacterales

Order Kordiimonadales

Order Parvularculales

Order Rhizobiales

Order Rhodobacterales

Order Rhodospirillales

Order Rickettsiales

Order Sphingomonadales

Class Beta Proteobacteria

Order Burkholderiales

Order Hydrogenophilales

Order Methylophilales

Order Neisseriales

Order Nitrosomonadales

Order Rhodocyclales

Order Procabacteriales

Class Gamma Proteobacteria

Order Acidithiobacillales

Order Aeromonadales

Order Alteromonadales

Order Cardiobacteriales

Order Chromatiales

Order Enterobacteriales

Order Legionellales

Order Methylococcales

Order Oceanospirillales

Order Pasteurellales

Order Pseudomonadales

Order Thiotrichales

Order Vibrionales

Order Xanthomonadales

Class Delta Proteobacteria

Order Bdellovibrionales

Order Desulfobacterales

Order Desulfovibrionales

Order Desulfurellales

Order Desulfarcales

Order Desulfuromonadales

Order Myxococcales

Order Syntrophobacterales

Class Epsilon Proteobacteria

Order Campylobacterales

Order Nautiliales

Phylum Spirochaetes

Class Spirochetes

Order Spirochaetales

Phylum Thermodesulfobacteria

Phylum Thermomicrobia

Thermomicrobia phylum is a phenotype of the green non-sulfur bacteria. It is, as its name suggests, thermophilic. Some scientists suggest that the thermomicrobia phylum is not a true bacteriological phylum, but a sub-division of the green non-sulfur division along with the current chloroflexi phylum.

Phylum Thermotogae

Class Thermotogae

Order Thermotogales

Family Thermotogaceae

Phylum Verrucomicrobia

Order Verrucomicrobiales


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