Gehazi, in the Bible, Elisha's dishonest servant.
Gehazi or Geichazi (Hebrew: ; Tiberian: Gêḥăzî; Standard: Geẖazi; "valley of vision") is a figure found in the Tanakh Books of Kings. He was Elisha's servant. He appears in connection with the history of the Shunammite and of Naaman the Syrian. On this latter occasion, Gehazi, overcome with avarice, solicited, and obtained in the prophet's name "a talent of silver and two changes of garments" from Naaman. Consequently, he was guilty of duplicity and dishonesty of conduct, causing Elisha to denounce his crime with righteous sternness, and pass on him the terrible doom that "the leprosy of Naaman would cleave to him and his for ever".

Later, he appeared before King Joram, to whom he recounted the great deeds of his master.

Two meanings for the name "Gehazi" have been suggested: "valley of vision" or "valley of avarice."



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