GeekSpeak is a radio program on the Central Coast of California, broadcast weekly by KUSP in Santa Cruz, California since 1998 and distributed on the internet since 2002. It is one of the top five most popular tech podcasts on the NPR website and maintains a 5-star rating from iTunes listeners.

GeekSpeak attempts to bridge the gap between geeks and the rest of humanity through an hour long talk radio program. The show's hosts are a group of local technology aficionados, many with industry experience, who offer light-hearted commentary on current news topics and events while delving deeper into specific areas each week with special guest interviews.

Broadcasts usually conclude with call-in advice, commentary and discussion by telephone and email. A worldwide fanbase has developed and show streams have been downloaded in excess of 100,000 times.

GeekSpeak was initially conceived and broadcast by Chris Neklason, Peggy Dolgenos and Mark Hanford of Cruzio.

Currently, the host is Lyle Troxell.

GeekSpeak Co-Hosts include:

- Drew Meyer with NetApp

- Sean Cleveland with Nvidia

- Miles Elam with Surf Control

- John Tracy with Felton Games

- Dedi Hubbard with New York University (NYU)

- Chris Dunphy with

- Ryder Brooks

- Alex Sleeis

- Ben Jaffe

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