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SS-GB is an alternate history novel by Len Deighton, set in a United Kingdom fictionally conquered and occupied by Germany during World War II. The novel's name, SS-GB, refers to the branch of the Nazi SS that controls Britain, the SS-Great Britain branch.

Plot summary

It is November 1941, nine months after the British surrender. Douglas Archer is a British homicide detective assigned to Scotland Yard. He is torn between loyalty to his country and his professional commitment to law enforcement. He begins investigating what seems to be a typical murder case in London, but which finally involves him in the highest levels of the Nazi occupation government.

Literary significance & criticism

SS-GB was praised by some critics reviewing alternate history books about World War II. Robert Harris's later Fatherland is often compared to it.

References in other works

Gavriel David Rosenfeld, a lecturer in history at the University of California, Los Angeles, cited to SS-GB in his novel The World Hitler Never Made.

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