Distinguish from "gaiter", which is a garment for the legs.
Gator is often used as an aphaeresis of the word "alligator".

Gator may refer to:

  • Gator (film), a 1976 action movie starring and directed by Burt Reynolds
  • Gator (pool game), a swimming pool game
  • Gatorade, a popular brand of sports drink
  • John Deere Gator, a small utility vehicle manufactured by Deere & Company
  • Claria Corporation, formerly Gator Corporation, an Internet advertising company known for its Gator adwares.
  • G/ATOR, or Ground Air Task Oriented Radar, a radar system in development by the United States Marine Corps.

In Computing :

In sports:

As a pseudonym:

  • Mike Greenwell, baseball player, left fielder with the Boston Red Sox from 1985 to 1996
  • Ron Guidry, baseball player, pitcher with the New York Yankees from 1975 to 1988
  • Mark Rogowski, professional skateboarder, convicted for a 1991 murder

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