A gating is also a form of punishment used in educational establishments.

In telecommunication, the term gating has the following meanings:

1. The process of selecting only those portions of a wave between specified time intervals or between specified amplitude limits.

2. The controlling of signals by means of combinational logic elements.

3. A process in which a predetermined set of conditions, when established, permits a second process to occur.

Source: From Federal Standard 1037C and from MIL-STD-188

In electrophysiology, the term gating refers to the opening (activation) or closing (by deactivation or inactivation) of ion channels. Some drugs and many ion channel toxins act as gating modifiers of voltage-gated ion channels.

For gating used in oscilloscopes, analog signal processing and more specifically audio signal processing more information can be found in Sound On Sound Magazine's article Advanced Gating Techniques (see external links).

  • Gating, a term used in casting

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