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St. Fergus Gas Plant

The St. Fergus Gas Plant in St. Fergus, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is a set of four gas processing plants


The plant was initially developed by British Gas and Shell. The three main plants have three main pipelines each coming ashore. The Centrica plant receives gas from the other main three plants. In total, St Fergus receives around 35% of the UK's gas.


The Total part of the refinery opened in September 1977 for the Frigg pipeline, with another section opening in 1978 for the Vesterled pipeline. The Queen opened this plant officially on May 9 1978.


The Shell plant opened in April 1982, being officially opened by Prince Charles in October 1982, taking gas from the Brent field, via the FLAGS pipeline. Gas came from the Fulmar field in July 1987, via the Fulmar Gas Pipeline, and from the Goldeneye field in October 2004. It employs around 180 people.


This plant uses the SAGE pipeline from the Brae gas field.


The purpose of the receiving plants are to clean the delivered gas and present the Methane content to the adjacent British Gas plant.


This plant has a capacity of around 22.8 Mm SCM/d for the FLAGS line and 2.8 Mm SCM/d for the Fulmar Gas Line. It produces 18.19 Mm scu m/d of gas to the British Gas plant and exports 8,000 tonnes of liquid products to Mossmorran.


This plant receives gas from twenty gas fields (including Alwyn, Miller, Bruce and most recently Rhum) and produces 20% of the UK's gas needs. Until 1987, gas only came from the Frigg field, and production from this field finished in October 2004. Gas is transported to the TOTAL plant by the Frigg pipeline.

There is also an adjacent plant operated by ExxonMobil.


Ethane, Propane and heavier products are separated and sent onward to a further plants located at Mossmorran, Fife (owned by Shell) and Cruden Bay (owned by BP). Separation is by a cryogenic process.

For the Fulmar Gas pipeline, a gas de-sulphurisation plant is used to remove hydrogen sulphide and reduce the water content.


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