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Woke up with a Monster

Woke Up With A Monster is an album by Cheap Trick on Warner Bros., released in 1994. It peaked at only US #123, after the group's appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. By the time the album came out, there had been a variety of significant changes in the band, both music-wise and appearance-wise. The style of music is more on the "grunge" side, due to producer Ted Templeman's much criticized heavy-handed production and Rick Nielsen grew a once trademark goatee. Robin Zander's voice also grew noticeably deeper. Shortly after the album's release, Cheap Trick was dropped from the Warner Brothers label. Unlike several albums that preceded it, it lacks the electronic instruments. It contains songs co-written with Jim Peterik, Julian Raymond, Todd Cerney, and Mark Spiro. There were two videos shot for this LP; "Woke Up With A Monster" and "You're All I Wanna Do." The band later released a CD only 'cutout' with a live performance of "Woke Up with a Monster" on it.

The album is now only available as a digital download at various online retailers.

Track listing

  1. "My Gang" (T. Petersson, R. Zander, R. Nielsen)
  2. "Woke Up With A Monster" (R. Nielsen, T. Petersson, R. Zander)
  3. "You're All I Wanna Do" (R. Nielsen, T. Petersson, R. Zander, J. Peterik, J. Raymond, Terry Reid)
  4. "Never Run Out Of Love" (R. Nielsen, J. Peterik)
  5. "Didn't Know I Had It" (R. Nielsen, Todd Cerney)
  6. "Ride The Pony" (R. Zander, Mark Spiro)
  7. "Girlfriends" (R. Nielsen, T. Petersson, R. Zander, B. Carlos)
  8. "Let Her Go" (Writers/Publishers still pending)
  9. "Tell Me Everything" (T. Petersson, R. Nielsen, R. Zander, Michael McDonald, Julian Raymond)
  10. "Cry Baby" (T. Petersson, R. Nielsen, R. Zander)
  11. "Love Me For A Minute" (R. Zander, R. Nielsen, T. Petersson)

Japanese Bonus Track

  1. "Sabre Dance."

The following singles were released:

"Woke Up With A Monster" (US & Australia), "You're All I Wanna Do" (US & Japan), "Girlfriends" (US), "Didn't Know I Had It" (Europe), and "Never Run Out Of Love" (Japan).

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