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This article is about the series of video games; for the retail chain, see Player's Choice Video Games.

Player's Choice is a marketing label used by Nintendo to promote video games on Nintendo game consoles which have sold well; Player's Choice titles are sold at a lower price point than other games. Similar labels have been applied by Sega ("Sega All Stars"), Sony (the "Greatest Hits" and "Platinum range"), and Microsoft ("Platinum Hits") to promote best-selling games on their consoles as well.


In the United States and Europe, Nintendo introduced the label in 1996 for both the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Game Boy, and later applied it to the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance, to distinguish titles that have sold over one million copies. The label is also applied to Nintendo GameCube games that sold more than 250,000 copies. A Player's Choice program has not been implemented for the Wii or Nintendo DS, despite the existence of multiple million-selling games.

When a game becomes a Player's Choice title, it is sold at a lower price, which, at current recommended retail prices, is £19.99 in the United Kingdom, USD$19.99 in the United States, CDN$29.99 in Canada, AUD$49.95 in Australia and €29.99 throughout the Eurozone. The Player's Choice range concept has been borrowed to create the "Greatest Hits" line (known as the Platinum range in PAL regions) on Sony consoles, the "Platinum Hits" (Xbox Classics in Europe) line on the Xbox, and the "Sega All Stars" line on the Sega Dreamcast.

American NTSC Player's Choice games can be identified on the Nintendo 64 by the yellow background of the N64 logo in the upper right corner of the game box. On the GameCube and Gameboy Advance, games are marked in a yellow box on the top of the case. PAL region Player's Choice games have boxes that are colored silver or platinum with Player's Choice markings on right hand side of a Nintendo 64 box or on the top of a GameCube box.

The Player's Choice line was introduced for GameCube titles in January 2003. The first titles were Super Smash Bros. Melee, Pikmin, and Luigi's Mansion, and they each retailed for $29.99. Later in the year, when 6 new titles were added, Nintendo split the pricing for different sets of GCN games, so that some titles would enter in or stay at U.S.$29.99 while others would be reduced immediately to U.S.$19.99.

In April 2006, the Player's Choice was applied to Game Boy Advance games and, in the United States, sell for $19.99.

Similar to PlayStation 2 Greatest Hits and Xbox Platinum Hits, it is a common practice to release a slightly newer version of the game itself. These re-releases contain minor edits to the game code, fixing serious bugs and glitches that were initially missed.

Player's Choice titles

Nintendo GameCube



PAL-exclusive Player's Choice titles:



Nintendo 64

Due to the use of a more expensive cartridge-based format, all N64 Player's Choice titles retailed for $39.95 each in North America, roughly double the price of comparable Greatest Hits releases for the original Sony PlayStation at $19.99 each.



Super Nintendo Entertainment System



Game Boy



Game Boy Advance




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