Pea-shake house

Pea shake is a form of gambling found mostly in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is typically run out of ramshackle, inner-city residential or commercial buildings known as "pea-shake houses."

The winning numbers are based on the numbers written or painted on "peas," which are pea-sized balls numbered with a single-digit number. The peas are shaken from a container at least four times a day at each house. Ironically, a number of Hoosier Lottery (Indiana) games are fashioned after pea-shake games, such as selecting winning combinations of three or four numbers, pull tabs and tickets.

People can pay from two cents and up to play pea-shake, and a winner can collect up to several thousand dollars, depending on how much money they put down.

A crackdown on pea-shake houses was announced by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department in April, 2007. In February state senator Glenn Howard had urged there be no crackdown, recognizing that the gambling was illegal but noting that it didn't hurt anybody.


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  • Police make another gambling bust at WTHR, including photographs of pea shake equipment
  • Pea Shake' Charges Dropped Over Warrant Errors Details about those flaws weren't available. The prosecutor's office didn't say exactly how many people had charges dismissed, but it said the number could be more than 50
  • Is There Big A Pea Shake-Up Coming? Remember back in February 2007 I wrote about a possible federal investigation of the city’s pea shake houses? Fast forward 18 months. My sources are telling me that a reported grand jury probe of some IMPD officers may involve Indianapolis’ pea shake houses. It’s still unclear what the charge is, although bribery, money laundering and tax evasion are the first things that comes to my mind.
  • Police: Gambling House Persists The alleged operators and patrons of a house that police said is long known to host pea-shake gambling could face charges as soon as this week. Police raided the home nine days ago, but it apparently reopened for business the next day.
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