gallery goer


[gal-uh-ree, gal-ree]

Gallery may refer to:

  • An art gallery, such as those in Art museums and galleries
  • Gallery (architecture), an element in architecture: a long hallway or long, narrow room, frequently decorated with sculptures and frescoes. Such spaces are common in Italian and French private palaces of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.
  • A narrow balcony, usually including a railing, inside or outside of a building.
    • A minstrel's gallery, a balcony used by performing musicians.
    • An observation deck, usually on the upper floors of a building, used to afford visitors a long-distance view.
  • An audience or group of spectators.
  • A horizontal passage in an underground mine.
  • A usually vertical, raised edge around the perimeter of a serving tray, sideboard, or other useful object designed to form a protective barrier

More specifically, Gallery may refer to:

Gallery is also the surname of a number of notable people, including:

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