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[gal-uh-ree, gal-ree]

In architecture, a long, covered space open on one side, such as a portico or a colonnade. It may be recessed into a wall or elevated on columns or corbels, and it often serves as a passageway. Within an interior, a gallery may be a platform or upper floor projecting from a wall (e.g., in a legislative house) with seating for spectators. In a church nave, the long, narrow platforms supported by colonnades are called tribune galleries. In a theatre, the gallery is the highest balcony and generally has the cheapest seats. Galleries appeared in Renaissance houses as long, narrow rooms used both as promenades and to exhibit art. The modern art gallery is their descendant.

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Museum in Washington, D.C., part of the Smithsonian Institution. It was founded in 1937 when Andrew W. Mellon donated his collection of European paintings to the U.S. He also donated funds to construct the gallery's Neoclassical building, opened in 1941. Now known as the West Building, it is connected by plaza and underground concourse to the East Building, designed by I.M. Pei (completed 1978). The museum houses an extensive collection of U.S. and European paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, and graphic arts from the 12th to 21st centuries; especially well represented are works by Italian Renaissance, 17th-century Dutch, and 18th- and 19th-century French artists.

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Gallery may refer to:

  • An art gallery, such as those in Art museums and galleries
  • Gallery (architecture), an element in architecture: a long hallway or long, narrow room, frequently decorated with sculptures and frescoes. Such spaces are common in Italian and French private palaces of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.
  • A narrow balcony, usually including a railing, inside or outside of a building.
    • A minstrel's gallery, a balcony used by performing musicians.
    • An observation deck, usually on the upper floors of a building, used to afford visitors a long-distance view.
  • An audience or group of spectators.
  • A horizontal passage in an underground mine.
  • A usually vertical, raised edge around the perimeter of a serving tray, sideboard, or other useful object designed to form a protective barrier

More specifically, Gallery may refer to:

Gallery is also the surname of a number of notable people, including:

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