[adj. gal-uhnt for 1, 3, 4; guh-lant, -lahnt, gal-uhnt for 2, 5; n. guh-lant, -lahnt, gal-uhnt; v. guh-lant, -lahnt]
Gallant, Mavis (Mavis Leslie Gallant), 1922-, Canadian writer, b. Montreal. A newspaper reporter in Canada (1944-50), she moved to Europe in 1950 and ultimately settled in Paris, where she has continued to live. She is acclaimed for her mastery of the short story and first published work appeared in the New Yorker, which has continued to be an important vehicle for her short fiction. Gallant's many stories are unsentimental, wry, and meticulously observed; they frequently feature expatriate characters. Among her story collections are The Other Paris (1956), My Heart Is Broken (1964), The End of the World and Other Stories (1974), In Transit (1988), and Across the Bridge (1993). Her Collected Stories was published in 1996. Gallant has also written two novels, Green Water, Green Sky (1959) and A Fairly Good Time (1970); one play, What Is to Be Done? (1983); and many pieces of nonfiction, including those collected in Paris Notebooks: Essays and Reviews (1986).
Gallant may refer to:

In fiction

  • Felicia Gallant, a character on the soap opera Another World
  • Michael Gallant, a medical doctor in the TV series ER
  • Goofus & Gallant, a cartoon in Highlights for Children featuring two contrasting boys to show differences between "good" and "bad" behavior

In water transportation

People with the surname Gallant


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