P*U*S were an English punk rock band formed in Wisbech/Elm in Cambridgeshire in 1988. According to the band, the name P*U*S (or P.U.S.) "was passed down to us in 1990 from a dodgy Australian geezer whose barn we used to rehearse in". The acronym stood for many things, such as "Punks' Underpants Smell". "Punks/People United against Society" and "Pissed, Ugly and Shite".

The core of the lineup - Darren and Nik, had been performing in various guises (including "Disillusioned State") since 1986, with demo tapes existing since that year. The P*U*S lineup was completed when Duds & Sonny joined after meeting Darren and Nik at a UK Subs gig in King's Lynn.

P*U*S split in 1999. A new band (name unknown) began to take up where P*U*S left off (some jam tapes exist with Darren, Gary, Luke (drums) and Duds) until Gary was killed in a car accident in November 1999.

Band members

The original lineup was :

  • Darren - vocals
  • Nik - Bass
  • Duds - Guitar
  • Sonny - Drums

Other lineup variations:


  • "Vivisectionist Die" Demo
  • "Environmental Homicide" Demo
  • "Cannon Fodder" Demo 1995
  • "SingaLonga PUS"
  • "International hard core comp tape" "F.F.T Label" benefit for Kobe earthquake.
  • "The Real Scapeghost EP - BFP Records"
  • "T.V. Dreamscape EP" - DIY Records - not sure if this ever came out.
  • "A Life In Fear" - Know Records
  • "There's No Justice For The Dead - Split EP with OMOBNA" - Know Records
  • "Death From The Skies CD" - Bomb Factory Records


  • "Bite The Bullet" - Know Records
  • "Punker Than Your Mother" - SOUR Records
  • "Nothing To Believe In" - Know Records
  • "World Hardcore Sampler CD"
  • "Smash Fascism LP" - Gnome / Grinding Madness Records Belgium 1994
  • "Court Metrage EP"
  • "A Scream From The Silence LP" - Looney Tunes Records
  • "Keep It Angry" - Bomb Factory Records 2001
  • "Ten I mohou – world h.c. compilation CD" - Discrete Records 1993

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