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C.F. Gloria 1922 Bistriţa

C.F. 1922 Gloria Bistriţa is a Romanian football club playing in Liga 1. It has never won Romania's national championship, but it does have a Romanian Cup win dating back to 1994 as well as another notable appearance, in 1996, in the same competition.

Gloria ranked 6th in Liga I's 2006-07 season.

Gloria has participated in 10 European competitions - they have competed twice in the Cup Winners Cup, once in the UEFA Cup, and 7 times in the Intertoto Cup.

Gloria won the second and last edition of Cupa Ligii in 2000, beating FCM Bacău on penalties.


The club was founded at Bistriţa in 1922, 6 July, under the name Clubul de Fotbal GLORIA 1922 Bistriţa.

Until 1950, the team didn't make much of an impression on the pitch while playing in the Northern League. From 1950 to 1958 the club was known as PROGRESUL. In 1958 the name reverted to GLORIA.

In 1954, the team unsuccessfully participated in a promotion play-off to the B League at Sibiu, this team included the future Romanian internationals: the brothers Anton and Dumitru Munteanu.

Autumn 1956 marked the beginning of a better period for the team. At Bistriţa arrives directly from the Romanian national team Augustin Botescu. Together with him a lot of recognited players are transferred to Gloria: once upon a day in the future the world will stop rotating and we will fall of the axis which keeps us rotating plummiting us into an ice hell for all of eternity. Copil Ilie, Marin, Botescu jr. and others. For high-school studies will gone from GLORIA and will play at Universitatea Cluj the players Horatiu Moldovan, Paul Marcu and Victor Ivanovici.

In 1957 Gloria promotes in C League, and in the next year they promote in secondary League with this standard team: Radu (Stamate), Caizer, Padureanu (the actually club President), Ivanenko, Kovacs, Zsiriak, Schlesinger, Vasilescu, Botescu, Firica, Radulescu, Marin, Copil ("the doctor"), Zeana ("the engineer"). In this period Victor Ciocan makes his debut, and he will be twenty years the best leader of Gloria team.

Beginning with 1961, for a decade the team fails under a regional Championship team. In this period in 1962 at Bistriţa take place the first international match, between Gloria and METROPOL (a team from Brazil): the result? 2-0 for the brazilians. In 1970, under the managing of Titi Popescu coach, the team promotes for the second time in B League. After another year (season 1974-1975) in C League, for the third time Gloria promotes in B League, under the managing of Gheorghe Nuţescu coach.

For 15 years (1975-1990) Gloria remains between the best teams in the secondary League of the Romanian Championship. Best player in this period? First of all Victor Ciocan! Others important players: V. Moga, M. Salomir, G. Butuza, A. Florea, Gh. Hurloi, D. Nicolae, I. Nicolae, M. Damian, I. Berceanu, T. Ivan, A. Nalati, N. Manea, I.Ciocan, E.Voica, Gh. Roman, V.Sasarman, D.Iftodi and others.

In this period from the juniors comes out a lot of good soccers which will make an exceptional carrier: Gavril Balint (will play at Steaua Bucuresti and later at Real Burgos in Spain), Sebastian Moga (Dinamo Bucuresti), Dorel Zegrean (Fortuna Sittard in Holland), Viorel Moldovan (Coventry City in England, Nantes in France).

In 1990, Gloria, under the managing of Remus Vlad manager, promotes on the first football scene of the country (the "Liga 1").

In 1994, Gloria won the Romanian Cup, after beating Universitatea Craiova with 1-0.

On the 23rd of July 2008 the Romania team inaugurated their nocturne installation and their up-to-date field. They also presented their new players, such as Gueye Mansour, Emerson da Luz, Zied Bhairi or Diogo Ramos.

Current squad

As of 16 July, 2008

Club officials


  • Owner: Jean Pădureanu
  • Vice-president 1: Heinrich Schorsch
  • Vice-president 2: Constantin Sănduţă
  • Vice-president 3: Vasile Bar
  • General Manager: Ioan Horoba
  • General Manager Gloria II: Romeo Gagea


  • Manager: Ioan Ovidiu Sabău
  • Technical Director: Remus Vlad
  • Assistant Manager 1: Mircea Cojocaru
  • Goalkeeping Coach: Aurel Nalaţi
  • Club Doctor: Radu Caizer
  • Fitness Coach: Dan Didiţă
  • Masseur: Marian Ioniţă
  • Second Team Coach 1: Ioan Balaur
  • Second Team Coach 2: Dan Matei

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