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Live at KaLo's Coffee House

'Live at KaLo's Coffee House' is an independent album release from Evan & Jaron. It was released on Jun 20, 1995, on 'Durable Phig Leaf Records.'

Background information

Evan and Jaron began their recording careers as a band named Durable Phig Leaf. In 1993 the duo recorded a four-song tape of tracks they had written and performed. The brothers had 400 copies of the tape made and sold all of them within the first month. Durable Phig Leaf played a standing Tuesday-night performance each week at Atlanta's KaLo's Coffeehouse, a gig that gradually increased their local popularity. They recorded their performances there to a digital audiotape and released the tape as the album Live at KaLo's Coffeehouse, renaming the act Evan and Jaron. The album eventually sold 15,000 copies.

Track listing

  1. "Where Were You"
  2. "Walk On Water"
  3. "Entertainer"
  4. "Watching The Rain"
  5. "Think Of Me"
  6. "Say What"
  7. "He Shines"
  8. "Peace Of Mind"
  9. "Find In You"
  10. "Hold On"
  11. "Without You"
  12. "Something Else"
  13. "Fuzzy-Headed Morning (Studio Version)"
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