Fungoid Frog

The Fungoid Frog (Hydrophylax malabaricus) is a colourful frog found on the forest floor and lower vegetation in the Western Ghats in south-western India. Although restricted in range, they are of least conservation concern. Their upperparts vary in colour from brownish-red to bright crimson.


Vomerine teeth in two oval oblique groups between the choanae. Head moderate, depressed; snout moderate, hardly as long as the diameter of the orbit, subacuminate, moderately prominent; loreal region concave; nostril nearer to the end of the snout than to the eye; interorbital space rather narrower than the upper eyelid; tympanum very distinct, nearly as large as the eye. fingers moderate, first extending beyond second; toes rather short, half webbed : tips of fingers and toes swollen; subarticular tubercles very strong; inner metatarsal tubercle oval, blunt; a large rounded tubercle at the base of the fourth toe; no tarsal fold. The tibio-tarsal articulation reaches the tympanum or the eye. Skin finely granulate above; a broad, not very prominent glandular lateral fold; a strong glandular fold from below the eye to the shoulder, followed by one or two glandules. Head and body bright crimson above, blackish brown on the sides; back sometimes with a few small black spots; upper lip, and a series of spots on the flank, white ; limbs blackish brown above, spotted and marbled with pale brown and while; beneath uniform white, or marbled brown and white.


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