functional unit


Unit may refer to:

In mathematics:

In science and technology:

In entertainment:

  • UNIT - the Unified Intelligence Taskforce in Doctor Who
  • Unit (album), an indie pop album by the Australian band Regurgitator
  • G-Unit, a hip-hop music group
  • The Units, a synthpunk band from San Francisco from 1978 to 1984
  • The Unit, an American television series
  • Second unit, a team that shoots footage which is of lesser importance for the final motion picture
  • Unit of action, a discrete piece of action (or beat) in a theatrical presentation

In other uses:

  • Unit (housing), in Australia/New Zealand - a self-contained suite of rooms within a set of similar dwellings
  • A unit, or apartment, can refer to a self-contained section of a building to be rented or otherwise occupied by a party
  • Multiple unit, a passenger train whose carriages have their own motors
  • Military units, including:
    • Unit 101, an Israeli special operations unit
    • Unit 731, a covert medical experiment unit of the Imperial Japanese Army
    • Unit 1391, an Israeli torture facility
  • Strategic business unit
  • In real time strategy games, a unit describes an individual (or squad, depending on the game) infantry or vehicle.

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