fullness of time

The Fullness of Time

The Fullness of Time was Progressive metal band Redemption's second album overall, but the first to feature a "band" lineup, as opposed to a project lineup as found on the 2003 eponymous debut. The vocals were provided by Fates Warning vocalist Ray Alder, who previously produced the first album and provided vocals for one song.

Track listing

  1. Threads - 5:43
  2. Parker's Eyes - 6:15
  3. Scarred - 7:56
  4. Sapphire - 15:55
  5. The Fullness of Time I: Rage - 5:01
  6. The Fullness of Time II: Despair - 3:20
  7. The Fullness of Time III: Release - 5:16
  8. The Fullness of Time IV: Transcendence - 7:59
  9. The Fullness of Time total length: 21:36


  • Parker of Parker's Eyes refers to bandleader Nick Van Dyk's daughter, two years old at the release of the album. The song is a rumination of the modern day climate.
  • Sapphire is a true story, though few details are known.
  • The soundclip that opens Rage is from the 1990 movie sequel Exorcist III: Legion. It is voiced by actor George C Scott.


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