[fraw-stid, fros-tid]
froSTed was a short-lived pop punk group formed by ex-Go Go's guitarist and singer Jane Wiedlin. The band was so-named because "it sounds sweet". The letters S and T were capitalised in tribute to Star Trek, one of Wiedlin's favourite TV shows. They released one album in 1996.


Wiedlin was joined by a second guitarist, Brian Waters, Sean Demott on bass and Lance Porter (of Ex-Idols) on drums. All three men provided additional vocals.

froSTed began by playing live in Los Angeles and San Francisco, before their sole album Cold, co-produced with Marc Waterman, was issued in August 1996. It was not a commercial success but was well-received by critics. Allmusic describes the album as "bright, chunky, and radio-friendly without being gooey mainstream glop".

Rachel Haden was credited with singing, while a guesting Gerri Sutyak played cello. Four songs on the album were co-writted with fellow Go Go's guitarist Charlotte Caffey.

The tracks "Bed" and "Call Me Crazy" were released as a single.

froSTed's last show was at 14 Below in Santa Monica, on 31 March 1998.

Album track listing

  1. "Dis-Integrated" (Wiedlin/Caffey)
  2. "Call Me Crazy" (Wiedlin/Hunter)
  3. "Homeless" (Wiedlin)
  4. "Amerinoid" (Wiedlin)
  5. "Cold" (Wiedlin)
  6. "Never" (Wiedlin/Bouch)
  7. "Shoulder the Sky" (Wiedlin)
  8. "Bed" (Wiedlin/Caffey)
  9. "Hope" (Wiedlin)
  10. "Praying" (Wiedlin/Caffey/Hoffs)
  11. "My Boyfriend" (Wiedlin)
  12. "Hey Girl" (Wiedlin/Cozzi)
  13. "Empty & Meaningless" (Wiedlin/Caffey)


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