Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo

Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo is a fantasy novel by Obert Skye that traces the journeys of Leven, a seemingly ordinary boy from Burnt Culvert, Oklahoma, and Winter Frore, a neglected girl, as they seek to find their way to the magical dream land of Foo.


Leven Thumps

Leven is fourteen years old and is the grandson of Hector Thumps, the builder of the gateway. Lev originally knows nothing of Foo or of his heritage. He eventually discovers he is an offing who can see and manipulate the future. Lev's brown eyes burn gold whenever his gift kicks in.

Winter Frore

Winter is thirteen, with white-blond hair and deep evergreen eyes. Her pale skin and willowy cloths give her the appearance of a shy spirit. Like Sabine, she is a nit and has the ability to freeze whatever she wishes. She was brought to Foo by fate, but her thoughts and memories of her previous life are gone. Winter struggles just to figure out what her purpose is.


Geth is the rightful heir to Foo. He was turned into a seed by Sabine and was left for the birds, but Antsel rescued him, took him to our world and planted him under the ground. he later found Leven, Winter and Clover and accompanies them on there trip to the Gateway. He is a lithen, meaning he believes Fate will decide everything. Currently, he is in the shape of a toothpick. Yes, you heard right, a toothpick. Winter eventually makes him various limbs.


The darkest and most evil being in Foo. He is the antagonist of the book. He, as well as Winter, are Niteons, or Nits are they are more commonly called. Both of them have the same power, the ability to freeze objects and people.

Clover Ernest

He is a wise-cracking sycophant from Foo, sent to look after Leven, who is his burn. The sycophant stays around Leven, hiding for fourteen years, until Leven finally spots him under his bed. He constantly tries to find a nickname for Leven since Winter stole his original, "Lev", (many of which include Chief or Big Man). Clover has the power to overshadow other people, and as a sycophant there is only one way the he can die, but only the sycophants know what that is.



Lithens are the original inhabitants of Foo. They were placed there by the guiding force of Foo, fate. Their mission is to preserve the real Foo, and its place as a modifier of dreams. They are extremely honest and are believed to be incorruptible. The most prominent lithen is Geth. They live by fate, and are afraid of almost nothing.


Nits are also called niteons. They are humans who had been on Earth and brought to Foo. They are the working class of Foo. They are stable, and one of the best dream enhancers. After they arrive in Foo, they are given a powerful gift. For example, many nits can control water or levitate. They are usually loyal and honest. Winter Frore and Sabine are examples of nits, and they both can control ice.

The entire list of Niteon powers are as follows:

  • See through soil
  • See through rock
  • Run like the wind
  • Freeze things
  • Breathe fire
  • Levitate objects
  • Burrow
  • Shrink
  • Throw lightning
  • Fade in and out
  • Push and bind dreams
  • Fly


Offings are rare and extremely powerful. They can see and manipulate the future, such as Leven Thumps had. They can also learn other gifts. As a result, they are the most trusted confidant of the Want.


Rants are offspring from nits, that were born with too little character to manipulate dreams successfully. They are frequently in a disarray. As dreams catch them, half of their bodies become the imagination of what the one in reality is dreaming of. They are usually dressed in long robes to hide their unstable forms. Jamoon is an example of a rant.


Sycophants are assigned to those who step into Foo. They help those that come in to adjust and understand the ways. Their entire lives are spent serving their people, called their burns. There is only one way for sycophants to die, but only the sycophants know. An example of a sycophant is Clover.

Sycophants love to serve, but sometimes get sick of helping others. So they are equipped with a venom that knocks out their victims immediately, and the victims are put in a trance where they are shown scenes depicting how wonderful sycophants are.

The Want

The Want is the invisible, but felt sage of Foo. He lives on the island of Lith, and sees every dream that comes in. He is prophetic, but a bit insane from his visions.


Cogs are ungifted children of nits. They have no single talent, but they can manipulate and enhance dreams.


When those from Earth step on a way to get to Foo, they may not get there completely. They only partially arrive, since their bodies and souls stay on Earth. They are called whisps, and are similar to ghosts. They are members of governing councils and boards. They are very vulnerable to flattery, and wish most for soul stones, to become whole. The only way to kill a whisp is to suck it up by anything, like from a vacuum.


Avalands are giants made out of the earth. They are made by Sabine and can actually form together to make a bigger creature. Avalands have met Leven on two occasions. The first time, one Avaland pursuited Winter, Leven, and Clover but toppled off a cliff. The second time, about a gang of Avalands attacked and formed together to make a giant rock snake. The snake devoured Leven and Winter but they made the Avaland to choke out the two.

Film Adaptation

At a book signing in the North Texas area the author stated that he had sold the rights to the film version of the first book 'about a month ago' (ago from Dec. 2007) and that it was being made by "the people who made the Spider-Man films". He casually shrugged off the question of who was going to take the role of Leven by asking in response 'who here would like to play Leven?'.

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The book will be a movie somewhere in 2009

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