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Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts

Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts is a public high school in the United States, located in Dundalk in Baltimore County, Maryland, near Baltimore.

About the School

Patapsco is located in the suburban community of Dundalk, in southeastern Baltimore County. The school lies on the north side of Wise Avenue in between Langport Rd. and Inverness Rd. The building and adjacent fields occupy an entire city block in the Gray Haven neighborhood, just north of the West Inverness neighborhood. Built in 1963, the single story building has a maximum capacity of 2000 students. The serving area of Patapsco borders the serving areas of Sparrows Point High School to the south and west, as well as Dundalk High School to the east.


The current graduation rate for the school is 82.55% Enrollment at the school is currently leveling off from a 10-year high in 2006.

2007 1,599 2006 1,650 2005 1,613 2004 1,570 2003 1,477 2002 1,439 2001 1,383 2000 1,360 1999 1,400 1998 1,289 1997 1,219 1996 1,138 1995 1,082 1994 1,047 1993 1,104

Magnet Program

Patapsco incorporated a performing and visual arts magnet in 1995, and has since become a leader in the state for its programs, vocal and instrumental music in particular. Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts also has programs in theatre, dance and visual art. Students are required to audition for these magnet programs. Of particular note is the Wind Ensemble which has won multiple awards throughout the country, and the show choir "Great Expectations," who have won multiple national championships.


The sports program at Patapsco High School has been led by the success of the Boys Baseball team. During the 2008 baseball season they were 3A State Runner Ups. After making their Cinderella run by defeating many top notch teams, they were defeated by La Plata High School in southern Maryland at Ripken Stadium. The Head Coach for that team was Tony Maggard with the help of assisstant coach, Brian Rogers and the JV coach Mark Planamente. This was the farthest that any Patriot sports team has gone in the history of Patapsco.

Vice Principles

Dr. Catherine Bowes

Dr. Patricia Martin

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