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From: The Scissor Girls To: The Imaginary Layer on Skeletons

From: The Scissor Girls To: The Imaginary Layer On Skeletons is the title of the debut album by the Chicago-based no wave band, the Scissor Girls. The album was recorded in December 1993 with the intention of being released as a 10" single, but after a number of delays, including the destruction of a pressing plant to which the master tapes had been sent, the album was recut with additional tracks recorded in March 1994 and released by Quinnah Records. The CD version of the album was released on the God Is My Co-Pilot-run Making of Americans label.

Track listing

  1. Atomic Boys / Love Sick
  2. EvrxbdxLvsaGdMxatrx
  3. F*L*E*E*T*S
  4. My Habit, Prescript
  5. The Walking Dead
  6. Parasitic 2
  7. Sewers, st.s...
  8. Your Lousy Scat
  9. Gonioze
  10. Omens


  • Azita Youssefi - vocals, bass guitar
  • Heather Melowic - drums
  • SueAnne Zollinger - guitar, trumpet


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