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Hand-to-Hand Combat

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Hand-to-Hand Combat is the twentieth episode of Mobile Suit Gundam.

Plot summary

Tempers flare as Ryu and Fraw stand in Amuro's cell. Ryu finally becomes fed up with Amuro's attitude and hits him before storming out. As everyone speaks about him, Bright tells the others how he is constantly fearful of Amuro turning Gundam over to the Zeon Forces. The fact that he didn't gives Bright some hope for him. Ryu comes in on the conversation, and tells eveyone that he thinks Amuro's gonna be okay.

Elsewhere, Ramba finally gets word from Dozle that he will be supplied with three MS-09 Doms. In the mines, however, M'Quve thinks the situation over. As he doesn't want anyone to find out his activities in the mines, and hopes to keep them concealed until Kycilia takes over. He comes to the decision to sabotage Ramba, who already knows too much.

On the White Base, Ryu gets word that some of the men have run off, including Hayato and Kai. Ryu speeds off after them, ignoring Mirai, who wants to join him. Bright tells Mirai that he feels very unsure after Amuro's departure, though he cannot figure out why.

Ramba waits for his Doms, but only a ship from M'Quve's forces appears. A soldier comes out and tells him that their escort ship didn't arrive in time, and the ship carrying the Doms was quickly destroyed. He doesn't worry, however, determined to destroy the enemy mobile suit.

Ryu finally catches up to the men, who have stopped completely. Hayato tells them that they're unneeded on White Base, and are planning to meet up with other Federation forces. While they're out in the desert, Ramba and his forces close in to attack. They fly pass the men, who all begin speeding back to the ship.

Amuro eats lunch in his cell as the enemy forces approach. The alarms ring, and everyone takes their battlestations. White Base begins firing on the Gallop, which is advancing from the front. A Zaku comes in from the left, and Sayla launches in Gundam, this time with Bright's blessing. The guys arrive in their buggies, and make it into White Base. Sayla takes out the Zaku. Ramba and a sizeable group of his men come from behind and open fire. Realizing that the Zeon soldiers plan to board, everyone readies their close-quarters weapons. Ramba and his men come in with jetpacks, perching atop the ship. Bombs are planted, then detonated, allowing them entrance. Clam charges in, taking out a Federation soldier, but is killed by another who flanks him. Ramba advances forward with his men, and comes across Fraw. Knocking the gun from her hand, he tells her to go hide somewhere safe.

A soldier attacks Amuro, proceeding in a hand to hand engagement. Bright shoots him with a pistol, and tells Amuro to get moving. Sayla comes upon Ramba, freezing when he points his gun at her. Ramba looks in awe at Sayla, calling her "Your highness". He calls her "Artesia", and tells her his name, saying that his father, Jimba Ral, served under her father, Zeon Zum Deukin, founder of Zeon. Before Ramba can speak to her further, Ryu bursts in, and hits Ramba. Ramba gets a shot off on Ryu as well, then retreats to a small room with his remaining men. He contacts Hamon and tells her that the mission was a failure, and that in the middle of a fight, he had forgotten to fight. Gundam blasts open the side of the room, killing most of the men in the process. Ramba remains, badly injured, and begins walking towards the gaping hole. As the crew members enter, Ramba tells them to witness what he calls a soldier's death. He lights a grenade and jumps from the ship, exploding in Gundam's hand. The Gallop opens fire on Gundam, and Amuro takes it out, but Hamon nevertheless survives, barely escaping in a small pod.

Four of the crew members carry the motionless Ryu through the corridors of White Base on a stretcher.

Important Events

  • Ramba Ral dies in combat
  • A connection between Sayla and Ramba is revealed to the audience
  • Ryu is injured during the firefight.


  • MAHQ episode site

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