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End-to-end has various meanings.

  • In e-commerce, end-to-end marketing describes methods or services directly connecting people who want to sell and buy. This practice eliminates middlemen from the trade.
  • In computer communication, end-to-end refers to end points, called end systems or hosts.
  • In manufacturing, an end-to-end service or solution involves one company, as a service to another, managing all aspects of design and production.
  • In computer security, end-to-end means that sensitive data is encrypted all the way from the device side application back to the enterprise. Rather than relying on transport-level security (such as Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL), end-to-end security puts the power of strong encryption in the user's hands, all through a simple interface. This resolves the so-called “air gap” where sensitive data was previously decrypted at the gateway during translation for wireless protocols into Internet protocols.
  • End-to-end monitoring is the process of attempting to remotely access a web server or other Internet device from across the Internet, just as a real end user would, to verify that the server is accessible and functioning properly at all times. This approach can be used instead of, or as a complement to, local monitoring software run by the web administrator.
  • In Electronic voting, End-to-end auditable refers to a voting system that enables each voter to prove that his or her vote was included in the tally, but not to prove how he or she voted.
  • In Long-distance walking or Long-distance cycling (see bicycle touring) the term refers to a journey between Land's End and John o'_Groats, or vice versa, in the UK. By association it can be used for other long-distance journeys from one end of a country or continent to the other.

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