The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall

The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall is an album by The Fall, released in October 1984. It was the band's first album with the relatively large Beggars Banquet label, and was produced by John Leckie. Paul Hanley left the band immediately after the accompanying UK tour, ending the group's distinctive "twin drummers" period On its original release, the album was available in two formats – on vinyl, and as an extended cassette entitled Escape Route from the Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall which added all the material from the 3 singles the group issued in 1984.

3 older, previously abandoned songs were returned to during these sessions. "Oh! Brother" and "Copped It" dated back to the group's earliest incarnation (they can be heard on Live 1977 issued by Voiceprint in 2000) and "Draygo's Guilt" was being performed live in 1981 (it can be heard on the Live In Leeds section of the Perverted by Language Bis DVD, issued by Cherry Red in 2003).

Track listing

Original LP

Side One ("Frightening" side)

  1. "Lay of the Land"
  2. "2 × 4"
  3. "Copped It"
  4. "Elves"Side Two ("Wonderful" side)
  5. "Slang King"
  6. "Bug Day"
  7. "Stephen Song"
  8. "Craigness"
  9. "Disney's Dream Debased"

Original cassette

  1. "Lay of the Land" (Mark E. Smith, Brix Smith) – 5:45
  2. "2 × 4" (M. Smith, B. Smith) – 3:38
  3. "Copped It" (M. Smith, Karl Burns) – 4:15
  4. "Elves" (M. Smith, B. Smith) – 4:47
  5. "Oh! Brother" (M. Smith, Burns, Steve Hanley, Craig Scanlon) – 4:01
    • from the "Oh! Brother" single, June 1984
  6. "Draygo's Guilt" (M. Smith, Scanlon) – 4:29
    • from the Call for Escape Route EP, 12 October 1984
  7. "God Box" (M. Smith, B. Smith) – 3:18
    • from the "Oh! Brother" single, June 1984
  8. "Clear Off!" (M. Smith, Scanlon) – 4:40
    • from the Call for Escape Route EP, 12 October 1984
  9. "C.R.E.E.P." (M. Smith, Paul Hanley, S. Hanley, Scanlon. B. Smith) – 4:42
    • from the 12" edition of the "c.r.e.e.p" single, 24 August 1984
  10. "Pat-Trip Dispenser" (M. Smith, B. Smith) – 4:00
    • from the "c.r.e.e.p" single, 24 August 1984
  11. "Slang King" (M. Smith, P. Hanley, B. Smith) – 5:21
  12. "Bug Day" (M. Smith, Burns, P. Hanley, S. Hanley, Scanlon, B. Smith) – 4:58
  13. "Stephen Song" (M. Smith, P. Hanley, S. Hanley) – 3:05
  14. "Craigness" (M. Smith, Scanlon) – 3:03
  15. "Disney's Dream Debased" (M. Smith, S. Hanley, B. Smith) – 5:17
  16. "No Bulbs" (M. Smith, B. Smith) – 7:51
    • from the Call for Escape Route EP, 12 October 1984

CD edition

The album was belatedly issued on CD in 1988. The tracklisting duplicated the content and running order of the cassette edition almost exactly, substituting the extended "C.R.E.E.P." for the 7" version, although it added a brief spoken introduction by Brix Smith unheard elsewhere. However, this means that the listener has to programme their CD player accordingly in order to hear the original LP tracklisting without interruption. Despite being modelled on the cassette, the CD does not sport the extended title given to that now-unavailable format.


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