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Tom Gulotta

Tom Gulotta is best known as the head of the Stunt Records label, which was formed in 1990 with Daniel Amos frontman, Terry Scott Taylor.

While working with Stunt, Gulotta also handled much of the label's cover art and packaging design work, including CDs by D.A., Taylor, Loam, 2 Pound Planet, and a number of various artist collections including Shirley Goodness and Misery and No Sense of History for the Alternative Records label.

Gulotta, a graphic designer, writer, photographer, videographer and web designer, currently lives in California, with his wife, singer Eve Selis. He interned with Patton Brothers Design during the 90s with his best friend Court Patton. He became Art Director for the music magazine SLAMM in 1997, became Art Director for San Diego CityBeat in 2002 and in 2004 started working for Reelin' In The Years Productions, the world's largest library of music footage. Recent DVD projects have included Soul To Soul, Muddy Waters- Classic Concerts, Marvin Gaye- The Real Thing: In Performance 1964-1981, The Temptations- Get Ready: Definitive Performances 1965-1972, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles- Definitive Performances 1963-1987 and the Jazz Icons DVD series.

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