A frenectomy (also known as a frenulectomy or frenotomy) is the removal of a frenulum, a small fold of tissue that prevents an organ in the body from moving too far. It can refer to frenulums in several places on the human body. It is related to frenuloplasty, a surgical alteration in a frenulum.

There are several different frenulums that are associated with types of Frenectomy:

  • Lingual frenectomy (of the tongue) as treatment for ankyloglossia
  • Labial frenectomy (of the lip)
  • A frenectomy can also be performed to remove a section of tissue (the frenulum),that connects two teeth together.
  • A frenectomy can be performed to remove the frenulum from the penis. The frenulum may be cut when a male is circumcised. This may also reduce the size of the frenular delta. The frenulum was reported to be cut in 26.7%, 20%, and 33.33% of circumcised patients in various surveys. The frenulum is often cut to relieve frenulum breve or frenular chordee during circumcision.


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