french guianan

French Guiana Championnat National

French Guiana Championnat National
French Guiana Championnat National 2007-08
Relegation To
French Guiana Promotion d'Honneur
Number of Teams
International Qualification
CFU Club Championship
Current Champions (2006/07)
US Macouria

The Championnat National is the top football league in French Guiana. It was created in 1962 and is headed by the Ligue de Football de Guyane. 12 teams participate in this league. The 11th- and 12th-placed teams are relegated to the French Guiana Promotion d'Honneur.

Despite being a league competition in CONCACAF none of the French Guianan teams have recently played in CFU Club Championship or CONCACAF Champions' Cup, their last appearance was in the CONCACAF Champions' Cup 1992 represented by ASC Le Geldar.

French Guiana Championnat National - 2008/09

Relegated in 2007/08

Previous Winners

Titles by club

7 times

6 times

3 times

2 times

1 time

Best Scorers

Year Best scorers Team Goals
2004/05 Saint-Ange Golitin AJ Saint-Georges 20
2005/06 Guy Diagne ASC Le Geldar 23
2006/07 Anson Udson US Macouria 19

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